According to reports Spain's DTT channels are set to change their broadcasting frequencies before January 1, 2010. Viewers will have to retune their TV sets and DTT boxes and at the same time readjust reception systems such as the antennas.

The change of frequencies will be carried out to liberate part of those frequencies to give better access to the mobile broadband internet services.

For a while, both frequencies of every channel will simulcast so there will be enough time for the channels to adapt to the new ones.

Despite the change, viewers will not have to install new boxes or antennas in their buildings according to Antonio Fernández Paniagua, sub-director of Radioelectric Spectrum at the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

In many cases users will just have to do a rescan for the channels in their new frequencies.
For people living in communities, then they will have to contact their TDT installers for more frequency modules to be installed, or to have their programmable amilifier reprogrammed.

In order to plan for this change of frequencies, over the next few weeks the government will make a calendar with the frequency adaptation process.

Spain and Portugal are working on a plan to avoid interferences in the border areas of both countries