My neighbour and I are having a 1.9 dish with twin LNBs' mounted on his sun terrace. We live in apartments one above the other,but are a little concerned as to where the dish will need to be sited. We have looked from the corner of his terrace and located due south and using a compass have worked out 28.2 degrees east from due south. But we were also told that if we had direct line of sight to the sun at midday then we could mount the dish in that position. Not sure if we have now confused ourselves.

Can you please help to make it clear to us as complete numpties. My neighbour needs to mount the dish at the North east corner of the terrace, and we assume pointing towards 28.2 degrees, as he cannot place it on the south west side of his terrace. the terrace faces southwest.

does this make sense?


many thanks