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I found this on another satellite forum (Astra 2d), from someone asking about a service being advertised in a local Costa Blanca / Spain newspaper, about how to get SKy TV for 10€ per month, instead of paying the correct subscription amount. And the reponse from someone else detailing the risks of using such a service.

Hello folks, today whilst reading the local free paper, i came upon an ad for a piece of kit that is supposed to give one access to all the pay per view channels on sky, the website was "", anybody got any knowledge of it....
It's almost certainly a card-sharing scheme and the black box will be a Linux box of one type or another. They don't mention it in their advert but you also need to plug the linux box into the Internet so that it can receiver informatoin from a master server somewhere.

The authorities and the various encryption companies (it's not just $ly that are suffering) are cracking down hard on these servers and when they bust one they can then read the IP addresses of all the "customers" so it's a very risky way of not paying for films.

Personally, it may sound like a good deal, but cardsharing is illegal. This type of service is opeating illegally, and is also selling stolen goods ie theft. I am also surprised that the newspaper in question (Round Town News) is actually OK in using its newspaper for advertising an illegal service. But I suppose advertising revenue is more important than ethics! I suppose it would be similar to an advert from a car theif advertising the cars he has stolen.