ITV are changing some of their channels about. Apparently they have lost one of their Astra 2D transponders / frequencies. So they are moving some ITV regions from Astra 2D to Astra 2B.
Astra 2B's beam is stronger and can in theory be received on a 1.2m dish inthe mornings and evening, but maybe not during the afternoon (use Channel4) as a benchmark.
This does mean that ITV is easy on a big dish.
The regions affected are
Anglia West
Tyne Tee South
Meridian South East
Meridian North
Yorkshire East
However, these regions on Astra 2B are only viewable on a Sky receiver with a Sky card.
It looks like these regions will not be available on a Freesat box.

To access it you must first add the channel :

Services, 4, 4, 12402, V, 27500, 2/3 – press yellow and select.

The channel will be stored in your other channels list - at the monenth they do not have any region identifiers.

We do not know who is taking over the soon to be free transponders / frequency.

You will still need a big dish to get BBC channels though as these are not affected

Weird things are happening with ITV’s channels at the moment. Some are free to air but you still need a big dish to receive them , some are free to view (ie sky card or ftv card required) but are available on smaller (1.2 and 80cm) dishes, and some are not available for free not on Freesat or sky receivers, but other receivers!!
Will update later when i know more!