After the 'war' over soccer rights between Spain's two major audiovisual producers Sogecable (Cuatro & Digital+) and Mediapro (laSexta) the judges decided Sogecable has the right to exploit the soccer. So the company will have to pay €90 million to secure the broadcast of the next season of the Spanish Soccer League.

This amount is only to secure the transmissions. Broadcasts will be offered on Sogecable’s satellite pay-TV platform Digital+.

The judges decided Sogecable was in the right against Mediapro which had to deposit €97 million plus interest.

Now that Mediapro won't have these rights any longer, the company’s CEO José Miguel Contreras will try for an agreement with Sogecable in order to share them. If the answer is no then La Sexta and Mediapro's sporting pay-TV channel Gol TV will no longer be able to transmit Spanish soccer.