What an exciting day for all of Spain, but even more so for Murcia. The plans, time plan and investment details are released in Madrid today and the long awaiting video presentation is in.

In just three and a half years April 2015 if all goes as planned, the town of Alhama de Murcia will become a real movie set when it opens its doors of the Paramount Park complex and, the Life Style Center , in what will be the first theme park of this type in Europe. Once visitors cross the threshold into Paramount, everything will be a virtual dream in movie land.

The park is built around the Paseo and Paramount, as well as numerous attractions of all kinds, will have four themed areas. We start with the City of Aventura , featuring Mission Impossible , and, of course, Titanic , an attraction on all four cylinders!

The tour continues in the Far West , featuring many of the films of Paramount with 4D graphics, and enjoy attractions like the roller coaster Spirit of the West Mine. The next step would be wooded Fantasy , an area specially designed for children, who can practice magic or interact in The Spiderwick Chronicles . Occasionally there will also be a gallop of the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow . The fourth area is Plaza Futura which will be devoted to science fiction, interstellar travel with the ship Enterprise in Star Trek.

The park will also have hotels, souvenir shops and restaurants, all themed to Paramount.

Paramount Park is complemented and completed by the Life Style Center, a large complex dedicated to the cultural, entertainment and leisure business. They will build seven hotels and a great shopping and restaurant area, an exhibition and congress hall and an auditorium.

The total pricetag for the project is 1,093,800,000 euros, the park will occupy 550,000 square meters to which we must add the 1.03 million meters square for the Life Style Center.

The initiative for this project came from the Government of the Region of Murcia and the company Premursa (Murcianos Great projects) will be responsible for carrying it out.

The idea underlying this priority effort is to revitalize the region through increased tourism. They expect about three million visitors annually and will create 22,601 jobs directly and indirectly.

Paramount Theme Park Murcia Presentation In English

Paramount Park Murcia Presentation In Spanish