I thought I knew something about satellites but obviously not so please bear with me.

I decided to change my dual LNB invacom (1.8m dish) for a Quad invacom which I did no problem. Of course I have now lost BBC2 & Channel4

I didn't know about LNB skew or distance of the lnb from the dish!

I've now read up about skews and polarity and it makes sense.

So, how do I go about twisting the LNB into the right position?
Does the LNB have a particular 0 degree position i.e. which part on the LNB would be the top/bottom, etc. I just angled the damned thing to turn the connectors so they point away from the rain.

I've got a Pace decoder but could also borrow a freesat box.

Appreciate any help, you dont cover my area, pity