Since new software was deployed on Monday (17th) some Sky+ receivers have been having problems with accessint he Recording Planner....with the message "Please Wait" on the screen....

This is due to a software issue with the newly deployed software and SKY technical boffins are working on the problem.

Until then they say to use the box you may have to do the following process to "reactivate" the planner

1) Put into Standby
2) Take out viewing card
3) Power Off at Mains
4) Power On (after 10-20 seconds)
5) Press On after 30 seconds or so.
6) Planner was available
7) POWER DOWN again, then re-insert viewing card, THEN power up.
8) Insert Sky Card again
9) Wait for update to channels again
10) Planner Still OK

Do not do a Planner Rebuild or Full System Restore (the latter wipes your hard drive!) - as this could damage the disk and you may loose some recordings on the box.