The introduction of DTT in Spain has resulted in the loss of audience of the ‘historic’ channels, with the newcomers winning the viewers.

Although the new thematic digital terrestrial channels have won an increased share of the audience, the large media groups (RTVE, Mediaset and Antena 3) continue to be favoured by the viewers, according to the Panorama Audiovisual 2011, published by EGEDA.

Despite its name, the report lists the viewing figures during all of 2010. The ‘historic’ channels registered a viewing share of 70.9% during last year. The ‘new’ digital terrestrial channels increased their share with 8.3% to a total of 18.5%. During the first few months of 2011, this number grow even faster, with a share of over 24% during May 2011, a year after total analogue switch-off. Satellite and cable was good for 7% of all viewing time during 2010.

Audience shares of the three main broadcasters were TVE1 (16%), Telecinco (14.6%) and Antena 3 (11.7%). The best watched regional channels were TV3 (2.5%) and Canal Sur (2.4%).

The free-to-air DTT channels with the highest share were Clan TVE (3.2%), Neox (2.2%) and Disney Channel (2.1%). The pay channels with the highest share were AXN and Fox, each with 0.4%.

Fiction is the genre that brings the most viewers, 33.6%, in 2010, and programming time, 400 minutes a day, followed by the news, with 21.2% and 291 minutes a day.

The three channels that had the most programmes in the Top 100 of best watched programmes of the year were TVE1 (with 42 programmes), the Sixth (27) and Telecinco (22).

Average daily TV consumption in 2010 stood at 234 minutes per person per day, eight more than in 2009. By region, the largest TV consumption took place in Aragon, with 263 minutes and an increase of 22 minutes in consumption compared to 2009, and that Galicia is the region with the lowest daily average with 207 minutes.

Watching online videos is also catching on in the peninsular, with YouTube as the most popular video site (15.8 million users). Of the broadcaster’s video websites, state broadcaster RTVE is the most popular with 4.8 million users. 41% of users of 3G mobile phones say they watch audiovisual content on their device.