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Thread: Astra 2 in Spain with an Oyster 85cm Dish

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    Astra 2 in Spain with an Oyster 85cm Dish


    Sorry to be a pain.

    We are on holiday in Spain in our motorhome. We came last year and the Auto Sat dish simply locked on to Astra 2 and we got Sky through our digibox (limited channels of-course).

    This year, the dish will not find Any satellite Automatically. There are many other oyster dishes on this campsite, but the owners are a little cagey about answering my questions.

    I have connected our Dreambox and managed to find Astra 1 manually. But I think we have 3 english news channels.

    What am I missing or doing wrong please?


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    Hi and Welcome,

    I am not too up on motorhome systems like the Oyster, but as I understand it, the automatic systems are pre programmesd t o lock onto one frequency on each satellite.
    I understand from various motorhome forums, that the oyster used to use a frequency that has recently been vacated and no longer carries any channels, meaning your system cannot locate the signal it used to.
    You will have to, maybe by contacting oyster, change this frequency to another one that is functioning.
    This may also be the same for Astra 1, as there have also been a few channel changes over the last week or so.

    If you are doing it manually, and are currently on Astra 1 at 19 east, then move the dish further to the east, by 10 degrees, and you should be on Astra 2. Scan freq 12207, and make sure Sky News is on ther, and tha will tell you if you are on the correct satellite.

    You can also try and use to help you locate the satellite.
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