Hi all... I have a problem with my sky set up that to my disbelief googling hasn't helped me with!! Maybe you guys can... Basically I've had a Sky Pace SD DS430N for a few years connected to a DVD recorder via scart out which I've used to record Sky Sports onto DVD with no probs. A couple of weeks ago the box died so I bought a new one, though now its a Pace 2600. I paired the card fine and have all my channels; I've connected it to the same DVD recorder in the same way ; it will record the free channels (bbc itv etc.) fine (just as before) but when I try to record any subscription channel I get a "Can't record picture" message from the DVD recorder. Its obviously something to do with the DRM but the sports channel is not copy protected. (no C on the information banner) so it should record. I chatted to a sky operative (using a vpn just in case .. he re-paired the card, tried this and tried that but eventually gave up and said I should get a technician to come round. ... kind of out the question when you live in Spain. So... questions... why is this happening? what can I do about it? Please help if you can... would be much appreciated, its reeeally annoying to have to go to work and miss the cricket and not have it recorded when I get home (especially considering what it costs!!)
Thanks in advance!!!