The BBC has confirmed that a commercial version of its iPlayer video on-demand platform will launch next year.
This international version of BBC’s iPlayer will use a subscription pay model at launch.
It wil initially ONLY BE AVAILBALE on the iPad.

It will be free to download the app for iPlayer and some free content will be provided to showcase the service.

Luke Bradley-Jones, Worldwide's managing director of, said that, “it is unlikely we will take the exclusive route over time” and “the mid-term objective is for the service to be multiplatform”.

Details on pricing of the service will be made known in the New Year.

Importantly, Bradley-Jones indicated the BBC would look at the commercial landscape of every country it operates in before introducing the iPlayer there. He implied this would be through negotiations with local partners that currently distribute its channels.

He also said the Global iPlayer would be much more than the catch-up service it is in the UK, offering viewers such additional features as ‘best of’ and classic programming.

He confirmed that the BBC would charge a monthly subscription fee to access the on-demand application, partially to get audiences "used to the service", but also to "generate additional value from the service in terms of the user data that it gives us".

According to the Financial Times, BBC Worldwide said today that it would make iPlayer available on iPad devices in selected overseas markets in the middle of 2011, starting with the US.