After its U.S. debut in January, the new Alcatraz series, created by JJ Abrams, will be shown in Spain on Wednesday February 8.

Alcatraz starring Sam Neill, Jorge Garcia and Sarah Jones, will debut in the double opener at 22.25 hours, on La Sexta.

The arrival of Alcatraz, produced by JJ Abrams, creator of Lost and Fringe, will add to laSexta other American fiction series Watched. Person of Interest.

In this series, the renowned producer and director is committed to a detective story that combines slices of fantasy elements in which was one of the most anticipated releases of the new television season.

During a murder investigation, a detective discovers a fingerprint belonging to a prisoner of Alcatraz for dead 30 years ago.

A number of unknowns that will be resolved over the 13 episodes that comprise this first season.

Alcatraz hooked to almost 10 million viewers in its debut in the US, becoming the biggest opening of the Fox drama of the last three years.