Freesat From Sky

Freesat From Sky offers all the main “free to air” UK TV channels, and also a handful of “free to view” channels.

Most of the free to air channels on Freesat From Sky are also available on Freesat. Free to air channels are channels that are available subscription and encryption free,meaning they do not require any form of viewing card to watch.

Free to View are channels that are available subscription free, but are encrypted. This means they require a “free to view” or a “Freesat From Sky” viewing card.


Freesat from Sky in Spain

The channels available on Freesat From Sky are transmitted from three UK TV satellites : Astra 2E,Astra 2F and Astra 2G. These are the same satellites used for channels on Freesat and Sky TV.

If you are unable to receive some channels on either Sky or Freesat in Spain due to your location and satellite dish size, then the same will apply for the same channels on Freesat From Sky.


Freesat From Sky Viewing Cards.

The Freesat From Sky viewing cards are available from Sky for a one off payment.


The channels that a free to view viewing card allows you access to are :

Sony Entertainment Television
Sony Entertainment Television +1
Sony Movie Channel
Sony Movie Channel +1
Local TV

The viewing card can be used to receive the correct region on the main channel number for BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1, and Channel 4 (and Local TV).

Click HERE for a full list of channel numbers for FTA and FTV channels on Sky receivers