Freesat UK Recordable 4K Set Top Box Hard Drive Failure & Successful Repair with SSD. Fix HDD error

What to do when your Freesat Recordable 4k TV box has a hard disk drive error?
How to fix hard drive failure on a Freesat Recordable 4k TV box?
How to fix failed recording on a Freesat Recordable 4k TV box?

The Recordable Freesat 4K set top box uses an internal hard drive to enable to you record, pause and playback live TV.

Like all hard drives, they can fail.

If your Recordable Freesat 4K set top box starts to miss recordings, then this may be the first indication that the hard drive is failing.

The Freesat Recordable 4K UHD Set Top Box may also display a “something is wrong” warning screen when powering up.

Usually the only option is to replace the failed hard drive with a new working drive.

In this video we remove the failed hard disk drive, and install a solid state drive – ssd

Solid State Drive SSD 450GB used in Video

Alternate Solid State Drive SSD 500GB

* Advice given in good faith. We accept no responsibility for any error or damage caused.

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