What is Freesat High Definition TV?

Freesat High Definition

Freesat was launched on 6th May 2008.

Freesat offers free to air, subscription free UK TV via satellite. It was was designed for those areas of the UK that are unable to receive the UK terrestrial digital service, Freeview.

For a one-off payment you can receive over 150 TV and Radio channels.

And with a Freesat HD set top box, you can receive 11 high definition (HD) channels.

Freesat High Definition on the Costa Blanca

Freesat is a brand new digital satellite TV service which launched on 6th May 2008, and is available to almost all households across the UK. For a one-off payment for a digital box, satellite dish and installation, Freesat currently offers you around 135 TV/Radio channels, including BBC, ITV, C4 and many more. If your TV is ‘HD Ready’, Freesat will also give you access to the world of ‘free’ High Definition programmes, presently BBC HD and ITV HD.

How many channels can I get?
Because Freesat is delivered via satellite (i.e. same satellite setup as Sky TV), there’s a huge range of TV, radio and interactive services to choose from with around 140 channels presently available.

You won’t be overwhelmed by all these channels – they’ve been organised into easy to use categories within the Freesat electronic programme guide (EPG), so you’ll easily find what you want at the press of a button.

Are there any ongoing costs?
No! Freesat is just that, a free service. Once you’ve purchased the equipment, its all free, forever.

What about HD?

Watching TV in high definition (HD) is an incredible experience. With five times as much picture detail as standard TV, HD makes a massive difference to your enjoyment of TV.
10 million households already have HD-ready TV sets but until now haven’t been able to access HD programmes for free. Freesat will give you high definition programmes, guaranteed free from subscription.

Do I need an HD-ready television to watch high definition programmes?
You need an HD-Ready television and an HD Freesat set top box in order to view high definition programmes in high definition. You will need to connect the digital box to your television via HDMI. Once you have the right equipment installed, you can watch live sport, national events, stunning natural history, landmark drama, world-class documentaries and more in amazing HD.

If you haven’t yet got an HD-ready television you can still be prepared for the future by getting a Freesat HD digital box. With a freesat HD digital box you can still view HD programmes on your standard definition television but the content will be scaled down to standard definition. If you buy a Freesat standard definition box you will not be able to view HD programmes even if you have an HD-ready television.



Freesat HD Channel Numbers

101 BBC One (BBC One HD in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
102 BBC Two HD
106 BBC Three HD
107 BBC Four HD
108 BBC One HD (BBC One in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
119 ITV HD (STV HD in Scotland, UTV HD in Northern Ireland)
120 S4CHD
126 Channel 4 HD
200 BBC News HD
206 Russia Today HD (RT HD)
209 NHK World HD
214 Arirang TV
601 CBeebies HD
691 Daystar HD


Freesat HD Channel Frequency Settings

Freesat HD receivers should automatically update with any channel frequency changes. In some cases a new “Freesat Scan” may be required


Freesat HD Satellite Installations in Spain

We can supply and install satellite dishes, LNB, and Freesat receivers in the Valencia / Costa Blanca North area of Spain, so that you can watch subscription free UK TV in Spain.

See our installation pages at : 110x120cm “1.2m” satellite dish installations and 125x135cm “1.4m” satellite dish installations.



More information?

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