Freesat Set Top Boxes

Freesat Set Top Boxes

Freesat was launched on 6th May 2008.

Freesat offers free to air, subscription free UK TV via satellite. It was was designed for those areas of the UK that are unable to receive the UK terrestrial digital service, Freeview.

For a one-off payment you can receive over 150 TV and Radio channels.

And with a Freesat HD set top box, you can receive 15 (correct at time of publishing) high definition (HD) channels.

There are three types of Freesat Set Top Boxes:

  • a standard definition Freesat Set Top Box,
  • a high definition Freesat HD Set Top Box, available with or without internal hard drive,
  • a 4k Freesat HD Set Top Box, available with or without internal hard drive


Official Freesat Set Top Boxes

When we install a Freesat satellite system, we use official Freesat Set Top Boxes. Some UK satellite TV installation companies offer you an Iberosat, Ferguson Ariva or GI Galaxy Innovations satellite receiver, claiming it is a Freesat Set Top Box. These satellite receivers are NOT Freesat Set Top Boxes, but basic “free to air” satellite receivers. These types of receivers will NOT have the Freesat logo, the Freesat Guide, Automatic Channel updates, a full 7 day programme guide, or access to online “on demand” content such as BBC iPlayer.


Standard Definition Freesat Set Top Boxes

Standard Definition Freesat Set Top Boxes have been phased out over recent years, with High Definition Freesat Set Top Boxes taking precedence.


Freesat HD Set Top Boxes

Freesat HD set top boxes offer 15 (correct at time of publishing) HD channels.

HD (high definition) offers higher resolution picture quality, essential for when watching on large screen TVs.

At at 2021, there is only one manufacturer of Freesat HD set top boxes, Manhattan.

Humax ceased production of their popular and highly regarded Freesat HD set top boxes in 2019.

Freesat Humax HDR-1100S Set Top Boxes







More information :

Humax Freesat Set Top Boxes

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Freesat 4K Set Top Boxes

In early 2020, Freesat introduced a 4K Freesat Set Top Box.

Although there is no 4k live content available via satellite for Freesat, the 4k options are for pay online services such as Netflix.

Arris manufacture the 4K Set Top Boxes for Freesat, and are currently (as at 2021), the only manufacturer of a Freesat recorder set top box.


More information :

4k Freesat Set Top Boxes




Which Satellite Receiver Do I Need? Which Satellite Box Do I Need? The Best Satellite Receiver for Spain.

The table below allows you to quickly select the best satellite receiver to suit your needs.

A standard satellite receiver
Freesat SD
Freesat HD
Freesat HD PVR
Sky HD Digibox
Sky+HD Digibox
Free (FTA) UK Channels
Free (FTV) UK Channels
Sky Subscription
BT Sports
7 Day EPG / TV guide
Interactive red button
Dual tuners
Hard drive recorder – PVR
High definition
Programme Frequency auto update
3D TV Compatible
Digibox software auto update
Usable/Recommended for other satellites


Non Freesat Mode

The number of channels currently available on the Freesat EPG (electronic programme guide) does not included ALL of the free UK TV channels that are available.

However that does not mean that they are not available on a Freesat receiver.

But it is possible to view this and all the other free to air (FTA) channels by accessing the manual tune or Non Freesat Mode feature on your Freesat set top box.

More information on “non Freesat mode” here


How to Copy and Save Files from Humax Freesat HD FOXSAT-HD-R to an external hard disk

Many people have ask me if it possible to copy files and programmes from a Freesat Humax HD+ receiver (the receiver with a built in hard disk drive) and store them on an external hard disk drive, for storage or playing on a computer.

Well it is possible, to an extent.

More information and a guide as to how to Copy and Save Files from Humax Freesat HD FOXSAT-HD-R to an external hard disk here


Freesat HD Satellite Installations in Spain

We can supply and install satellite dishes, LNB, and Freesat receivers in the Valencia / Costa Blanca North area of Spain, so that you can watch subscription free UK TV in Spain.

See our installation pages at : 110x120cm “1.2m” satellite dish installations and 125x135cm “1.4m” satellite dish installations.



More information?

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