4k Freesat Set Top Box Software Updates

Software updates will be automatically installed on Freesat 4K TV Boxes.
This process will usually be done during the daily “housekeeping” schedule, which occurs during the early hours of the morning.

Software update 5.4.1.p13_ui_1.4.2 14th December 2021

Software Update Prime Video Search Update Dec 2021

Software Update 5.4.1.p13_ui_1.4.1 10th November 2021

Software Update 5.4.1.P7_UI_1.3.8 9 June 2021

Software Update 5.4.1.f1_ui_1.3.3 13th January 2021

Software Update 5.4.1.f1_ui_1.3.2 22nd December 2020

Software Update 5.4.1_ui_1.3.2 15th December 2020

Software Update 5.3.p4_ui_v1.2.6 28th September 2020

Software Update 5.3.p4_ui_1.2.4 13th August 2020