How to Copy and Save Files from Humax Freesat HD FOXSAT-HD-R to an external hard disk

Many people have ask me if it possible to copy files and programmes from a Freesat Humax HD+ receiver (the receiver with a built in hard disk drive) and store them on an external hard disk drive, for storage or playing on a computer.

copy from Humax Freesat HD FOXSAT-HD-R

Well it is possible, to an extent.

It is possible to move the files to an external hard drive, but you can only play them back on a Mac and VLC player.

You can play them from the external drive back through the USB port on the Humax, so this process is ideal should you run out of space on your Humax hard disk.



How to Copy and Save Files from Humax FOXSAT-HD-R

Here is how to move the files:

To start this tutorial we point out that the Humax Foxsat will NOT COPY more than 4gig at one time. This means that many films cannot be stored or kept off the Humax Foxsat HDR itself. This also means many modern day films have more than the max copy permitted at this time of 4gig so to copy is a no-no.

For the purpose of this tutorial we used an 8gig pen drive but of course this is not a must, and you can use an external hard drive.

Important note: the external drive (USB pendrive or hard disk drive, MUST be formatted to the FAT32 standard, not NTFS.

Also drives of more than 40gb may not work correctly, so you may have to format the drive to more than one partition – which is like having separate “disks” on a single “disk drive”.

Before we start:

make sure the file/s you wish to copy is LESS than 4gig.
make sure you copy EXACTLY the file/s already stored in the Humax Foxsat HDR – do not edit or change them AFTER they leave the Humax Foxsat HDR.

Insert the USB pen drive in your chosen USB slot front or rear.

The wizard will tell you a USB device is connected.

Select Media>then Opt+> File Manager> O.K. this;

The window that opens is split into two with on the right your pen drive folder named sda. The sda files in your pen drive need to be opened BEFORE highlighting the chosen file (under 4gig) on the left to copy.

The window on the left is where your already stored films/serials/etc.

Highlight the required file / programme and at the same time the green copy button at the top glows.

The copy button (green) is pressed and it then writes to the pen drive..

If you want to store these files you copied to your pen drive make sure you leave everything intact to allow you to transfer them back into the Humax Foxsat HDR where they play as before.

To play the stored files from your Humax;s hard drive, it is a simple reversal of the former, but make sure the files are EXACTLY as the original in its own folder.

Or you can play them directly from the USB drive again using the File manager option.

You do this process at your own risk, and although I know this works, I cannot guarantee that it will always work, and you may risk damaging the files or hard drives if done incorrectly. I cannot be held liable should you lose data or damage your Freesat receiver.