Using An Internet Proxy Server

You can “piggy back” a server in the UK to access the UK TV catch up services. This hides the fact that you are connecting to the “catch-up players” from outside the UK, as the “catch-up players” think you are actually connecting directly from the “proxy” server.

You will need to configure your Internet Explorer to use the proxy server.

In Internet Explorer

Click “Tools” and then “Internet Options”;
Click “Connections”;
If you use Dial-Up connection, choose your connection and click “Settings” button.
If you use LAN connection, click “LAN Settings” button in the “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” group box;
Enable “use a proxy server”;
In fields “Address” and “port”, type proxy name and proxy port;
If necessary, enable “bypass proxy server for local addresses”;
Click “OK”;
Click “OK” to close IE settings. Close and restart Internet Explorer.

It may take a few attempts to locate decent proxy servers, and it may be that a proxy server you used a few days ago may be blacklisted and not available so just pick another one.

Remember to disable the proxy when you want to connect by just your own “Spanish” server….