Infomir MAG IPTV Boxes

The most popular “set top box” to run an IPTV service on is the Infomir MAG range of IPTV boxes.

Small, compact, and powerful, they run Linux, and are compatible with most IPTV services.

We currently offer the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box.

This can connect to your internet router via ethernet cable, or via Wifi, using its built in wifi antenna.

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PC Advisor magazine comments between a MAG 254 IPTV box verses an Android based IPTV “Brit TV box” :

Unlike the Android TV Box, the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box does not use the Android operating system as a platform to run other useful IPTV based systems, this enables the MAG to outperform any currently available Android TV Box’s running IPTV services, far much less resources are used with Linux and this is why the MAG is able to run faster, cooler and more efficiently.

We ran the same IPTV service on an Android box and then on the MAG254, we then asked a 65 year old male who admitted he wasn’t at all tech savvy to use both systems and share with us which system he thought was more user friendly. The MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box was clearly his choice.

The way in which the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box user interface was set up ensures the ease of use which is so required by many users out there who find other similar products too complicated to use, the MAG reduces complexity to a near nonexistence and this is a key selling point for the less tech savvy user.




INFOMIR MAG IPTV Box Help and Support

  • How to connect your MAG box to the internet and TV
  • How to connect your MAG box to the internet via WIFI
  • How to change the IPTV Portal Server settings on a MAG IPTV Set Top Box
  • how to change the date and time on a MAG IPTV Box
  • How to reset your MAG box to factory settings

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