Mag Box Help Tutorials : How to fix MAG Box Wrong Signature problem

When trying to reset your MAG box to factory settings, by resetting the box via the blue BIOS screen, you may get a “wrong image” message.

This means that the firmware you are trying to reset is not the official firmware. Custom firmware has been loaded onto the box, usually by the seller to prevent you using the MAG box with other providers, by blocking the Portal URL options.

To correct the “wrong signature” issues, you will need to load up the factory firmware.

You will need a USB stick, and the firmware files.

Copy the firmware files onto the USB stick, into a folder for your box.

So for a MAG250 box, put the files in a folder called MAG250, for a MAG254 box, put the files in a folder called MAG254, etc.

You enter the MAG box BIOS screen, insert the USB stick into the box, and load up the firmware.

With the new firmware, your box will now be reset completely to Factory settings.

(webmaster note : these instructions not complete and need updating)

MAG Box firmware is here

It is neccessary to update on Public manufacturer firmware from Bootloader (BIOS) menu using multicast or USB&Bootstrap (we recommend to update using multicast).

How to open Bootloader (BIOS) menu

Documentation about updating

Note : users do this at their own risk. We are not responsible for any issues a factory reset may cause to your box.