Mag Box Help Tutorials : Time on the device is not synchronised error message on a MAG IPTV Box

This should help solve the error message “Time on the device is not synchronised Reload portal” on your MAG IPTV Set Top Box.

This happens when the time between your MAG IPTV box and your internet provider is not the same.

Sometimes simply rebooting your router, and then your MAG IPTV box can solve this problem.

IF not, then you have to make sure the URL for the MAG Box time keeping is set correctly.

See a video of this process by clicking the link below:

Mag Box Help Tutorials – How to change the NTP Server / Date and Time settings on a MAG IPTV box – Youtube Video

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Step by Step Process:

– Enter the “System settings” – by pressing «Setup», «Services» or «SET» on the remote control (depending on the version the remote control)

MAG 254 IPTV System Settings Screen
– Select “Servers”

MAG 254 IPTV System Settings Screen

-Select “General”

MAG 254 IPTV Server Screen

– In the input field “NTP server” input “” and then “Enter”

(this is the URL for Spain, you can use just “” for a more general time server)

MAG 254 IPTV NTP Server Screen

– Confirm “OK”

– Reboot Mag box

*Note sometime to enter the system settings page, you may have to reboot your MAG box, and press the Settings button during the “Loading” page.