London 2012 Paralympics

London Paralympics 2012

The London Paralympics 2012 took place between 29 August and 9 September, in London England.


London Paralympics 2012 TV Coverage

The 2012 Summer Paralympic Games will see various television broadcasters, with Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) the host broadcasting organisation for globe television broadcasting.


Paralympic Games 2012 UK TV Coverage

The home broadcaster for the London Paralympics 2012 in the UK will be Channel 4. Who will broadcast at least 150 hours of competition.

The majority of Paralympic Games coverage will be on Channel 4, with high definition coverage available on C4HD.

Channel 4 will also offer three extra video feeds for its upcoming coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The Paralympics Extra channels will show action from the Games from August 30 to September 9 on Sky, Freesat, Virgin Media and Freeview HD, as well as being available online.

Sky customers can press the Red Button to access the video feeds, but they can also watch the channels at 450, 451 and 452 on the electronic programme guide. Viewers with Sky+ HD will see HD versions, while everyone else will just get standard definition.

Sky Channels 450 – Paralympic Channel 1
Sky Channels 451 – Paralympic Channel 2
Sky Channels 452 – Paralympic Channel 3
Sky Channels 453 – Paralympic Channel 1 HD
Sky Channels 454 – Paralympic Channel 2 HD
Sky Channels 455 – Paralympic Channel3 HD1


The Paralympics Extra on Freesat TV

Freesat will also broadcast the three Channel 4 Paralympics Extra channels at 150, 151 and 152 on its EPG. Freesat HD users will get the HD versions.


The Paralympics Extra on Virgin Cable TV

Virgin Media will offer the channels at 550, 551 and 552 in high definition on cable TV, or in standard definition at 553, 554 and 555.


The Paralympics Extra on Freeview

Freeview viewers will not get the channels, but will be able to view some of the extra coverage by pressing the Red Button while watching Channel 4 HD. They will only get one additional video feed, as opposed to three on other platforms, and the coverage will not be available on non-HD Freeview equipment.

Paralympics Extra channels will start appearing on the participating digital TV EPGs from August 28. Depending on the TV platform, the channels should be called Channel 4 Para 1, Channel 4 Para 2 and Channel 4 Para 3.


Channel 4 Paralympic Games Stream Frequencies:

The frequency for the Channel 4 Paralympic Channels Extra Streams in Standard Definition:
11.469 H SR 27.500 FEC 2/3
Tagged as 7854, 7855 and 7856.

The frequency for the Channel 4 Paralympic Channels Extra Streams in High Definition:
Astra 2B
12304 H 29500 3/4
Tagged as 7851

Astra 1N
10921H 23000 8/9
Tagged as 7852 and 7853

None of these HD channels can be “manually added” to a Sky box.


The Paralympics Games Worldwide Broadcasters

United Kingdom: Channel 4 will broadcast the Games with over 150 hours of live television coverage, which will be the most extensive coverage of the Paralympics ever aired in the United Kingdom.

Australia: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation will broadcast the 2012 Paralympics across Australia

Brazil: Rede Globo and Sportv will be the exclusive all rights holders

Canada: The current “Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium” (comprised of Bell Media’s CTV Television Network, TSN2, and French-language RDS; as well as Rogers Media’s Sportsnet One) will provide coverage. CTV and RDS are both expected to broadcast an one-hour highlights program on television each evening, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be covered on television by TSN2, Sportsnet One, RDS, and RDS2. Four online streams will provide 580 hours of live coverage.

Colombia: The Senal Colombia (English)

Europe: European Broadcasting Union.

Finland: Yle, the state broadcaster.

Germany: ARD and ZDF will broadcast the Games, with approximately 65 hours of television coverage.

Italy: Sky Italia, the Italian digital subscription channel.

Japan: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation).

South Korea: Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

Thailand: Thailand Pool TV, a consortium of well-established broadcasters in Thailand.

United States: NBC will not broadcast live coverage of the Paralympics, but the USPC will provide expanded video coverage of the games, primarily through its YouTube channel. NBC Sports Network will air one-hour highlight shows on September 4, 5, 6, and 11, while NBC will air a 90 minute special dedicated to the games on September 16, 2012.