Rugby Union Premiership Rugby on TV 2013 / 14

Premiership Rugby on TV 2013

The English Premiership, currently known as Aviva Premiership Rugby or more commonly the Aviva Premiership because of the league’s sponsorship by Aviva, is a professional league competition for rugby union football clubs in the top division of the English rugby union system. There are twelve clubs in the Premiership. The competition has been played since 1987, and has evolved into the current Premiership system employing relegation to and promotion from the RFU Championship, known as National Division One before the 2009–10 season. Clubs competing in the Premiership qualify for Europe’s two club competitions, the Heineken Cup and the European Challenge Cup.


Premiership Rugby on TV 2013 – 2014 

From 2013-14 for three years the live broadcast rights for the Aviva Premiership will be with BT Sports under an £125m deal.

BT Sports will broadcast 69 live matches per season.

Aviva Premiership highlights will be shown on ITV4, and repeated midweek on ITV1.



Round 1
Fri 6th Sep 1319:45PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vBath RugbyKingston ParkBT Sport
Sat 7th Sep 1314:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vSaracensTwickenham StadiumBT Sport
Sat 7th Sep 1315:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vSale SharksKingsholm
Sat 7th Sep 1315:00PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vExeter ChiefsFranklin’s Gardens
Sat 7th Sep 1316:30PremiershipLondon Wasps  vHarlequinsTwickenham StadiumBT Sport
Sun 8th Sep 1314:00PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vWorcester WarriorsWelford RoadBT Sport
Round 2
Fri 13th Sep 1319:45PremiershipHarlequins  vNorthampton SaintsTwickenham StoopBT Sport
Fri 13th Sep 1320:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vNewcastle FalconsSalford City Stadium
Sat 14th Sep 1315:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vLondon WaspsSandy Park
Sat 14th Sep 1315:00PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vLondon IrishSixways
Sat 14th Sep 1315:15PremiershipBath Rugby  vLeicester TigersRecreation GroundBT Sport
Sun 15th Sep 1314:00PremiershipSaracens  vGloucester RugbyAllianz ParkBT Sport
Round 3
Fri 20th Sep 1319:45PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vHarlequinsSixwaysBT Sport
Fri 20th Sep 1320:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vLondon WaspsSalford City Stadium
Sat 21st Sep 1315:00PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vNewcastle FalconsWelford Road
Sat 21st Sep 1315:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vExeter ChiefsMadejski Stadium
Sat 21st Sep 1315:15PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vNorthampton SaintsKingsholmBT Sport
Sun 22nd Sep 1314:00PremiershipSaracens  vBath RugbyAllianz ParkBT Sport
Round 4
Fri 27th Sep 1319:45PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vSale SharksFranklin’s GardensBT Sport
Sat 28th Sep 1315:00PremiershipBath Rugby  vLondon IrishRecreation Ground
Sat 28th Sep 1315:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vWorcester WarriorsAdams Park
Sat 28th Sep 1315:15PremiershipHarlequins  vSaracensTwickenham StoopBT Sport
Sun 29th Sep 1314:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vLeicester TigersSandy ParkBT Sport
Sun 29th Sep 1315:00PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vGloucester RugbyKingston Park
Round 5
Fri 4th Oct 1319:45PremiershipSale Sharks  vBath RugbySalford City StadiumBT Sport
Sat 5th Oct 1315:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vHarlequinsMadejski Stadium
Sat 5th Oct 1315:00PremiershipSaracens  vLondon WaspsAllianz Park
Sat 5th Oct 1315:00PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vNewcastle FalconsSixways
Sat 5th Oct 1315:15PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vNorthampton SaintsWelford RoadBT Sport
Sun 6th Oct 1314:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vExeter ChiefsKingsholmBT Sport
Round 6
Fri 25th Oct 1319:45PremiershipBath Rugby  vGloucester RugbyRecreation GroundBT Sport
Sat 26th Oct 1315:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vWorcester WarriorsSandy Park
Sat 26th Oct 1315:00PremiershipHarlequins  vSale SharksTwickenham Stoop
Sat 26th Oct 1315:15PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vSaracensFranklin’s GardensBT Sport
Sun 27th Oct 1314:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vLeicester TigersAdams ParkBT Sport
Sun 27th Oct 1315:00PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vLondon IrishKingston Park
Round 7
Fri 1st Nov 1319:45PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vBath RugbySixwaysBT Sport
Fri 1st Nov 1320:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vExeter ChiefsSalford City Stadium
Sat 2nd Nov 1315:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vLondon WaspsKingsholm
Sat 2nd Nov 1315:00PremiershipSaracens  vNewcastle FalconsAllianz Park
Sat 2nd Nov 1317:30PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vHarlequinsWelford RoadBT Sport
Sun 3rd Nov 1314:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vNorthampton SaintsMadejski StadiumBT Sport
Round 8
Fri 22nd Nov 1320:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vWorcester WarriorsSalford City Stadium
Sat 23rd Nov 1315:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vSaracensSandy Park
Sat 23rd Nov 1315:00PremiershipHarlequins  vGloucester RugbyTwickenham Stoop
Sat 23rd Nov 1315:00PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vLondon IrishWelford Road
Sat 23rd Nov 1315:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vBath RugbyAdams Park
Sat 23rd Nov 1315:00PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vNewcastle FalconsFranklin’s Gardens
Round 9
Sat 30th Nov 1315:00PremiershipBath Rugby  vExeter ChiefsRecreation Ground
Sat 30th Nov 1315:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vLeicester TigersKingsholm
Sat 30th Nov 1315:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vLondon WaspsMadejski Stadium
Sat 30th Nov 1315:00PremiershipSaracens  vSale SharksAllianz Park
Sat 30th Nov 1315:00PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vNorthampton SaintsSixways
Sun 1st Dec 1315:00PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vHarlequinsKingston Park
Round 10
Fri 20th Dec 1320:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vLondon IrishSalford City Stadium
Sat 21st Dec 1315:00PremiershipBath Rugby  vHarlequinsRecreation Ground
Sat 21st Dec 1315:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vNewcastle FalconsSandy Park
Sat 21st Dec 1315:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vWorcester WarriorsKingsholm
Sat 21st Dec 1315:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vNorthampton SaintsAdams Park
Sat 21st Dec 1315:00PremiershipSaracens  vLeicester TigersAllianz Park
Round 11
Fri 27th Dec 13PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vLondon WaspsKingston Park
Sat 28th Dec 1315:00PremiershipHarlequins  vExeter ChiefsTwickenham Stadium
Sat 28th Dec 1315:00PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vSale SharksWelford Road
Sat 28th Dec 1315:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vGloucester RugbyMadejski Stadium
Sat 28th Dec 1315:00PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vBath RugbyFranklin’s Gardens
Sat 28th Dec 1315:00PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vSaracensSixways
Round 12
Fri 3rd Jan 1419:45PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vSale SharksKingston Park
Sat 4th Jan 1415:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vSaracensKingsholm
Sat 4th Jan 1415:00PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vBath RugbyWelford Road
Sat 4th Jan 1415:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vWorcester WarriorsMadejski Stadium
Sat 4th Jan 1415:00PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vHarlequinsFranklin’s Gardens
Sun 5th Jan 1415:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vExeter ChiefsAdams Park
Round 13
Fri 7th Feb 1419:45PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vLeicester TigersSixways
Fri 7th Feb 1420:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vGloucester RugbySalford City Stadium
Sat 8th Feb 1415:00PremiershipBath Rugby  vNewcastle FalconsRecreation Ground
Sat 8th Feb 1415:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vNorthampton SaintsSandy Park
Sat 8th Feb 1415:00PremiershipHarlequins  vLondon WaspsTwickenham Stoop
Sat 8th Feb 1415:00PremiershipSaracens  vLondon IrishAllianz Park
Fri 14th Feb 1420:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vSaracensSalford City Stadium
Sat 15th Feb 1415:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vBath RugbySandy Park
Sat 15th Feb 1415:00PremiershipHarlequins  vNewcastle FalconsTwickenham Stoop
Sat 15th Feb 1415:00PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vGloucester RugbyWelford Road
Sat 15th Feb 1415:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vLondon IrishAdams Park
Sat 15th Feb 1415:00PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vWorcester WarriorsFranklin’s Gardens
Round 15
Sat 22nd Feb 1415:00PremiershipBath Rugby  vLondon WaspsRecreation Ground
Sat 22nd Feb 1415:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vHarlequinsKingsholm
Sat 22nd Feb 1415:00PremiershipSaracens  vExeter ChiefsAllianz Park
Sat 22nd Feb 1415:00PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vSale SharksSixways
Sun 23rd Feb 1415:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vLeicester TigersMadejski Stadium
Sun 23rd Feb 1415:00PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vNorthampton SaintsKingston Park
Round 16
Fri 28th Feb 1420:00PremiershipBath Rugby  vSaracensRecreation Ground
Sat 1st Mar 1415:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vLondon IrishSandy Park
Sat 1st Mar 1415:00PremiershipHarlequins  vWorcester WarriorsTwickenham Stoop
Sat 1st Mar 1415:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vSale SharksAdams Park
Sat 1st Mar 1415:00PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vGloucester RugbyFranklin’s Gardens
Sun 2nd Mar 1415:00PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vLeicester TigersKingston Park
Round 17
Fri 21st Mar 1419:45PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vLondon WaspsSixways
Fri 21st Mar 1420:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vNorthampton SaintsSalford City Stadium
Sat 22nd Mar 1415:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vNewcastle FalconsKingsholm
Sat 22nd Mar 1415:00PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vExeter ChiefsWelford Road
Sat 22nd Mar 1415:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vBath RugbyMadejski Stadium
Sat 22nd Mar 1415:00PremiershipSaracens  vHarlequinsWembley Stadium
Round 18
Sat 29th Mar 1415:00PremiershipBath Rugby  vSale SharksRecreation Ground
Sat 29th Mar 1415:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vGloucester RugbySandy Park
Sat 29th Mar 1415:00PremiershipHarlequins  vLondon IrishTwickenham Stoop
Sat 29th Mar 1415:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vSaracensAdams Park
Sat 29th Mar 1415:00PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vLeicester TigersFranklin’s Gardens
Sun 30th Mar 1415:00PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vWorcester WarriorsKingston Park
Round 19
Fri 11th Apr 1420:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vHarlequinsSalford City Stadium
Sat 12th Apr 1415:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vBath RugbyKingsholm
Sat 12th Apr 1415:00PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vLondon WaspsWelford Road
Sat 12th Apr 1415:00PremiershipSaracens  vNorthampton SaintsAllianz Park
Sat 12th Apr 1415:00PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vExeter ChiefsSixways
Sun 13th Apr 1415:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vNewcastle FalconsMadejski Stadium
Round 20
Sat 19th Apr 1415:00PremiershipBath Rugby  vWorcester WarriorsRecreation Ground
Sat 19th Apr 1415:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vSale SharksSandy Park
Sat 19th Apr 1415:00PremiershipHarlequins  vLeicester TigersTwickenham Stoop
Sat 19th Apr 1415:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vGloucester RugbyTwickenham Stadium
Sat 19th Apr 1415:00PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vLondon IrishFranklin’s Gardens
Sun 20th Apr 1415:00PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vSaracensKingston Park
Round 21
Fri 2nd May 1420:00PremiershipSale Sharks  vLeicester TigersSalford City Stadium
Sat 3rd May 1415:00PremiershipBath Rugby  vNorthampton SaintsRecreation Ground
Sat 3rd May 1415:00PremiershipExeter Chiefs  vHarlequinsSandy Park
Sat 3rd May 1415:00PremiershipGloucester Rugby  vLondon IrishKingsholm
Sat 3rd May 1415:00PremiershipLondon Wasps  vNewcastle FalconsAdams Park
Sat 3rd May 1415:00PremiershipSaracens  vWorcester WarriorsAllianz Park
Round 22
Sat 10th May 1415:00PremiershipHarlequins  vBath RugbyTwickenham Stoop
Sat 10th May 1415:00PremiershipLeicester Tigers  vSaracensWelford Road
Sat 10th May 1415:00PremiershipLondon Irish  vSale SharksMadejski Stadium
Sat 10th May 1415:00PremiershipNewcastle Falcons  vExeter ChiefsKingston Park
Sat 10th May 1415:00PremiershipNorthampton Saints  vLondon WaspsFranklin’s Gardens
Sat 10th May 1415:00PremiershipWorcester Warriors  vGloucester RugbySixways
AVIVA Premiership Rugby Semi Final
17/18 MayPR-SF  vTBA
17/18 MayPR-SF  vTBA
AVIVA Premiership Rugby Final
Sat 31st May 14PR-F  vTwickenham Stadium

Please Note: Although we try our best to ensure all schedules are accurate, broadcasters can and will change schedules without warning. Since we cannot physically monitor every single channel, errors will occur from time to time.