Rugby World Cup 2019

The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be the ninth Rugby World Cup.
The 2019 Rugby World Cup will take place between 20th September and 2nd November 2019.

Rugby World Cup 2019

Rugby World Cup 2019

The opening match of the 2019 Rugby World Cup will take place at Tokyo Stadium in Chōfu, and the final match will be held at International Stadium Yokohama in Kanagawa.

(All kick-off times below are UK and Ireland times)

Rugby World Cup Fixtures

Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia, Samoa

Fri 20 Sep Japan v Russia (Tokyo), 11.45am

Sun 22 Sep Ireland v Scotland (Yokohama), 8.45am

Tue 24 Sep Russia v Samoa (Kumagaya), 11.15am

Sat 28 Sep Japan v Ireland (Shizuoka), 8.15am

Mon 30 Sep Scotland v Samoa (Kobe), 11.15am

Thu 3 Oct Ireland v Russia (Kobe), 11.15am

Sat 5 Oct Japan v Samoa (Toyota), 11.30am

Wed 9 Oct Scotland v Russia (Shizuoka), 8.15am

Sat 12 Oct Ireland v Samoa (Fukuoka), 11.45am

Sun 13 Oct Japan v Scotland (Yokohama), 11.45am



New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Namibia, Canada

Sat 21 Sep New Zealand v South Africa (Yokohama), 10.45am

Sun 22 Sep Italy v Namibia (Osaka), 6.15am

Thu 26 Sept Italy v Canada (Fukuoka), 8.45am

Sat 28 Sep South Africa v Namibia (Toyota), 10.45am

Wed 2 Oct New Zealand v Canada (Oita), 11.15am

Fri 4 Oct South Africa v Italy (Shizuoka), 10.45am

Sun 6 Oct New Zealand v Namibia (Tokyo), 5.45am

Tue 8 Oct South Africa v Canada (Kobe), 11.15am

Sat 12 Oct New Zealand v Italy (Toyota), 5.45am

Sun 13 Oct Namibia v Canada (Kamaishi), 4.15am



England, France, Argentina, USA, Tonga

Sat 21 Sep France v Argentina (Tokyo), 8.15am

Sun 22 Sep England v Tonga (Sapporo), 11.15am

Thu 26 Sep England v USA (Kobe), 11.45am

Sat 28 Sep Argentina v Tonga (Osaka), 5.45am

Wed 2 Oct France v USA (Fukuoka), 8.45am

Sat 5 Oct England v Argentina (Tokyo), 9.00am

Sun 6 Oct France v Tonga (Kumamoto), 8.45am

Wed 9 Oct Argentina v USA (Kumagaya), 5.45am

Sat 12 Oct England v France (Yokohama), 9.15am

Sun 13 Oct USA v Tonga (Osaka), 6.45am



Australia, Wales, Georgia, Fiji, Uruguay

Sat 21 Sep Australia v Fiji (Sapporo), 5.45am

Mon 23 Sep Wales v Georgia (Toyota), 11.15am

Wed 25 Sep Fiji v Uruguay (Kamaishi), 6.15am

Sun 29 Sep Georgia v Uruguay (Kumagaya), 6.15am

Sun 29 Sep Australia v Wales (Tokyo), 8.45am

Thu 3 Oct Georgia v Fiji (Osaka), 6.15am

Sat 5 Oct Australia v Uruguay (Oita), 6.15am

Wed 9 Oct Wales v Fiji (Oita), 10.45am

Fri 11 Oct Australia v Georgia (Shizuoka), 11.15am

Sun 13 Oct Wales v Uruguay (Kumamoto), 9.15am



Sat 19 Oct QF1 Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D (Oita), 8.15am

Sat 19 Oct QF2 Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A (Tokyo), 11.15am

Sun 20 Oct QF3 Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C (Oita), 8.15am

Sun 20 Oct QF4 Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B (Tokyo), 11.15am

Sat 26 Oct Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 (Yokohama), 9.00am

Sun 27 Oct Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 (Yokohama), 9.00am

Fri 1 Nov Third-place Play-off (Tokyo), 9.00am

Sat 2 Nov RWC 2019 Final (Yokohama), 9.00am


The full fixture list and times in order for the Rugby World Cup

(All fixtures Spanish time Showing)

Match 1: Japan v Russia Friday 20th September – 12.45pm

Match 3: France v Argentina Saturday 21st September – 9.15am.

Match 4: New Zealand v South Africa Saturday 21st September – 11,45am

Match 6: Ireland v Scotland Sunday 22nd September – 9.45am

Match 7: England v Tonga Sunday 22nd September – 12.15pm

Match 8: Wales v Georgia Monday 23rd September – 12.15pm

Match 9: Russia v Samoa Tuesday 24th September – 12.15pm

Match 11: Italy v Canada Thursday 26th September – 9.45am

Match 12: England v USA Thursday 26th September – 12.45pm

Match 14: Japan v Ireland Saturday 28th September – 9.15am

Match 17: Australia v Wales Sunday 29th September – 9.45am

Match 18: Scotland v Samoa Monday 30th September – 12.15pm

Match 19: France v USA Wednesday 2nd October – 9.45am

Match 20: New Zealand v Canada Wednesday 2nd October – 12.15pm

Match 22: Ireland v Russia Thursday 3rd October – 12.15pm

Match 25: England v Argentina Saturday 5th October – 10.00am

Match 26: Japan v Samoa Saturday 5th October – 12.30pm

Match 28: France v Tonga Sunday 6th October – 9.45am.

Match 29: South Africa v Canada Tuesday 8th October – 12.15pm

Match 31: Scotland v Russia Wednesday 9th October – 9.15am.

Match 32: Wales v Fiji Wednesday 9th October – 11.45am

Match 33: Australia v Georgia Friday 11th October – 12.15pm

Match 35: England v France Saturday 12th October – 10.15am

Match 36: Ireland v Samoa Saturday 12th October – 12.45pm

Match 39: Wales v Uruguay Sunday 13th October – 10.15am

Match 40: Japan v Scotland Sunday 13th October – 12.45pm

QF1: Pool C winner v Pool D runner up Saturday 19th October – 9.15am

QF2: Pool B winner v Pool A runner up Saturday 19th October – 12.15pm

QF3: Pool D winner v Pool C runner up Sunday 20th October – 9.15am

QF4: Pool A winner v Pool B runner up Sunday 20th October – 12.15pm

SF1: QF1 winner v QF2 winner Saturday 26th October – 10.00am

SF2: QF3 winner v QF4 winner Sunday 27th October – 10.00am

Third-place playoff: SF1 loser v SF2 loser Friday 1st November – 10.00am

Final: SF1 winner v SF2 winner Saturday 2nd November – 10.00am

Rugby World Cup 2019 TV Coverage

UK TV Coverage : In 2017 it was announced that ITV have secured the broadcasting rights for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, as well as the 2023 tournament held in France.

UK – ITV / ITV4 / S4C (Welsh Language)

France – TF1

Monaco – TF1

Ireland – RTE (14 matches (including opening group match, all 4 Ireland team, and all 8 knockout matches)), Eire Sport (all matches)

Spain – TBA