OSN Showtime on Nilesat

OSN Showtime on Nilesat

Orbit Showtime Network or OSN is a pay satellite provider serving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). OSN was formed in 2009 as a result of merger of two of the Mideast’s largest TV networks, Orbit and Showtime Arabia.

OSN offers popular entertainment content such as movies, sporting events and various TV shows. As of 2015 the service 154 television channels and 53 high-definition channels and 3D entertainment.

Its is a PAY TV service and requires a viewing card and compatible receiver.

OSN Sports is part of the OSN Network operating a number of SPorts channels : OSN Sports 1 HD, 2 HD, 3 HD, 4 HD and Cricket HD

This package is of interest to Football and other sports fans due to its portfolio of sports available.


OSN in Spain

OSN is available on Nilesat (7 West).

The signals can be picked up in Spain on an 80cm satellite dish.

We can supply and install the required satellite dish for the reception of the channels on Nilesat.




OSN Frequency on Nilesat (7 West)

Transponder 1: 11.996 Ghz Horizontal

Transponder 2: 12.073 Ghz Horizontal

Transponder 3: 10.834 GHz Vertical

Transponder 4: 11.373 Ghz Horizontal

Transponder 5: 11.862 Ghz Vertical

Transponder 6: 11.976 GHz Vertical

Transponder 7: 11.411GHz Horizontal

Transponder 8: 11278 GHz Vertical