Astra 1 satellites at 19.2 Degrees East

Astra 1 N satellite at 19 east

The Astra 1 constellation of satellites is located at 19.2 degrees east of south.

The Astra 1 satellites are primarily used for transmitting to Europe. Many European countries use this satellite for their Pay TV services, including Spain’s Movistar + (formally Digital Plus), most of the Canal+ services, and German Sky Deutschland.

Reception of Astra 1 in Spain can easily be received on a 60cm satellite dish, a small sized dish.

This group of Astra satellites consists of 4 Astra satellites: Astra 1 KR, Astra 1L, Astra 1M and Astra 1N.


Free channels on Astra 1 

Many channels are available for free on this satellite, but they do tend to be German. One bonus is the availability of a free Eurosport – although the language is in German.

Eurosport (Germany) – frequency 12226 H 27500 3/4

There are a few free English audio channels of interest on Astra, that you can view on any generic digital satellite receiver. These include BBC World News, Sky News, The Travel Channel, The God Channel.

Sky News International – frequency 12604 H 22000 5/6
BBC World News HD – frequency 11229 V 22000 2/3
BBC World News – frequency 11597 V 22000 5/6


Pay TV Services on Astra 1

There are a number of PAY TV / Subscription TV services on Astra 1

Canal Digitaal – Netherlands TV
TVVlanderen – Belgium TV
Movistar+ – Spanish TV
Canalsat – French TV
Sky Deutschland – Sky Germany TV


Astra 1 Satellite Installations

The relatively close proximity of Astra 19.2°E to Astra 23.5°E, allows the use in target countries of a single small dish fitted with a monoblock Duo LNB to receive channels from both positions.

There are a number of PAY TV / Subscription TV services on Astra 3
CanalDigitaal – Netherlands
TV Vlaanderen – Belgium, Flanders