Astra 3 satellites at 23.5 east


Astra 3 satellites at 23.5 east

The Astra 3 constellation of satellites is located at 23.5 degrees east of south.

These satellites are primarily used for transmitting to Europe.

Many European countries use this satellite for their Pay TV services, including CanalDigitaal of the Netherlands.

CanalDigitaal on Astra 3

Most of the HD channels from CanalDigitaal of the Netherlands can be found on Astra 3.

This group of Astra satellites consists of 1 Astra satellites: Astra 3B

Astra 3B was launched in May 2010 and became commercially operational in June 2010. It provides coverage mainly to the Benelux and Eastern European areas.


Astra 3 Satellite Installations

The relatively close proximity of Astra 23.5°E to Astra 19.2°E, allows the use in target countries of a single small dish fitted with a monoblock Duo LNB to receive channels from both positions.

Reception of Astra 3B in Spain can easily be received on a 80cm satellite dish, a small sized dish.