Free French TV Channels on Satellite


Free French TV Channels on Satellite TV

Free French TV Channels on Satellite

There are a number of Free French TV Channels on Satellite

The majority of Free French TV Channels on Satellite are available on the Astra 1 satellites (19 East) and Atlantic Bird satellites (5 West)

This is a list of frequencies for those Free French TV Channels on Satellite available by a satellite dish and satellite receiver. (Correct as at June 2012).


Free French Satellite TV Channels

ChannelSatelliteOrbitFrequencySR FEC
Living God TV
E9A9 E11919 V27500 3/4
M6 Suisse
TF-1 Suisse
E9A9 E12034 V27500 3/4
W9 SuisseE9A9 E12034 V27500 3/4
M6 Suisse HDE9A9 E12034 V27500 3/4
France 24 EnglishEutelsat 10A10 E11387 V30000 5/6
TV 5 Monde FBS
TV 5 Monde Europe
Hot Bird 13A13 E11137 H27500 3/4
France 24 Français
France 24 English
Hot Bird 13C13 E11240 V27500 3/4
Tishk TVHot Bird 13A13 E11585 V27500 3/4
ARTE FrançaisHot Bird 13A13 E11623 V27500 3/4
ARTE Français HDHot Bird 13A13 E11681 H27500 3/4
Holy GodHot Bird 13B13 E12380 V27500 3/4
EuroNewsHot Bird 13A13 E12597 V27500 3/4
TV8 Mont Blanc
Hot Bird 13C13 E12692 H27500 3/4
TV 5 Monde FBSAstra 1L19 E11479 V22000 5/6
Renault TV
Astra 1KR19 E11509 V22000 5/6
France 24 Français
France 24 English
France 24 Arabic
Astra 1KR19 E11538 V22000 5/6
Best Of Shopping
M6 Boutique La Chaîne
Astra 1L19 E11597 V22000 5/6
Arte FrançaisAstra 1M19 E11934 V27500 3/4
EuroNewsAstra 1L19 E12226 H27500 3/4
Liberty TV Français
TV8 Mont Blanc
BFM Business
Direct 8
Astra 1H19 E12552 V22000 5/6
France 24 Arabic
France 24 Français
France 24 English
Badr-426 E11996 H27500 3/4
TV5 Monde Maghreb Orient
Badr-426 E12073 H27500 3/4
Fashion TV UKEutelsat 28A28.5 E11222 H27500 2/3
EuroNewsEutelsat 28A28.5 E11343 V27500 2/3
Bloomberg TV Europe
France 24 English
Eutelsat 28A28.5 E11426 V27500 2/3
EuroNewsEutelsat 28A28.5 E12560 V27500 2/3
France 24 English
Astra 1G31 E12012 V27500 9/10
TV8 Mont BlancE33A33 E11098 H2441 2/3
Fashion TV Russia and Eastern EuropeABS-175 E12548 V22000 7/8
EuroNewsAmos 24 W10912 H22330 3/4
TéléGrenoble Isère
KTO TV Catholique
E5WA5 W10972 V29950 7/8
E5WA5 W11054 V29950 7/8
BFM Business
TV 5 Monde FBS
E5WA5 W11512 V29950 7/8
TMCE5WA5 W11554 V29950 7/8
France 2
France 5
France Ô
France 3 Sat
E5WA5 W11591 V20000 2/3
Mirabelle TV
Vosges Télévision
E5WA5 W11679 V29950 7/8
TV 5 Monde OrientNilesat 1027 W11900 V27500 5/6
France 24 EnglishNilesat 2017 W11977 V27500 3/4
EuroNewsNilesat 2017 W12015 V27500 5/6
France 24 ArabicNilesat 1027 W12207 V27500 3/4
EuroNewsHispasat 1C30 W12012 H30000 3/4
TV 5 Monde EuropeHispasat 1C30 W12092 V27500 3/4
France 24 EnglishHispasat 1C30 W12092 H30000 3/4