How do I connect my laptop to TV using HDMI?

If both your laptop and TV have HDMI (which stands for “high definition multimedia interface”) ports, then this is probably the best and easiest method to connect a PC or laptop to a TV. Using HDMI produces the best quality as HDMI supports HD resolutions, and HDMI also carries both audio and video signals in a single cable.

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Free Anti Virus Programs

These offer free protection and removal against viruses, adware and spyware for your laptop, computer or computers on your home network. As is normal, for more advanced protection you will have to pay and subscribe to their advanced services.

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Anti Spyware Programs

These offer protection and removal against spyware for your laptop, computer or computers on your home network. Running too many of these and antivirus programs may slow your PC down, as each program will be battling with each other to scan the files.

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Slow Running PC Tips

If your PC is showing signs of slowing down then you may need to do a bit of housekeeping.

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Windows Vista in English and Windows 7 In English

Sometimes when you purchase a new PC or laptop in Spain the majority of time you will find that Windows is all in Spanish. Some “premium” versions of Windows Vista and Windows / allow you to change the language. Otherwise you will need a third party program to do this for you.

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Open Office – Free Word Processor and Office Applications

An alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. Open Office has all the usual word processing, spreadsheets and database program you could want, and it is compatible with MS Office documents.

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