Slow Running PC Tips

Run a full antivirus / adware / spyware scan. These can take up and use valuable processor, memory and internet connection power.

Run a disk clean up. This can remove all the temporary files your PC uses when running certain applications, and can also include your full internet browsing history and cache files.

Run a dish de-fragmentation. The basic MS version can be found in Accessories, System Tools, and will try to reorder the files on your hard disk.

You can see how much of processor and memory power is being used by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Del on your keyboard to bring up the task manager. Under the process tab you can see which applications are using the most resources on your PC, and ask yourself if you really need that to be running all the time or if at all. Either change the options or uninstall.



Increase your PC / Laptop speed

Usually the main problem that causes a PC to run slow is having not enough memory installed.

The more programme you install and run on windows starting, the more of the installed memory is used.

By increasing the amount of memory in the PC, this can easily speed up the PC.