90cm Offset Satellite Dish


90cm Offset Satellite Dish

This is an 90cm Offset Satellite Dish, measuring 90 cm x 100cm.

Around the Costa Blanca these satellite dishes are fairly popular. They can be used for UK TV if you are not really too bothered about receiving the main UK TV channels from BBC and ITV, but can be used to receive most of the Sky TV channels.

This 90cm Offset Satellite Dish can be used to receive satellite TV from another of different satellites such as Astra 1 at 19 east, Astra 2 at 28 east, Astra 3 at 23 East, Hotbird at 13 East, BAdr at 26 east, and Nilesat at 7 West.

90cm Offset Satellite DishIn many areas of the Costa Blanca and Spain, these 90cm satellite dishes are able to receive a number of free UK TV channels, and a large number of the Sky subscription package channels.

This 90cm Offset Satellite Dish is just a bit too small to receive the main UK TV channels, (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five) from the Astra 2 group of satellites in all areas of Spain. They may be able to receive some signals for these channels, but reception will be very borderline.

Due to the differences as to how satellite dish measurement are taken this 90cm Offset Satellite Dish may be known as a 1m Satellite Dish in Spain.







90cm Offset Satellite Dish Specifications:
Reflector Height: 100.5cm
Reflector Width: 95.5cm
Weight: 7.2kg
Gain (12.5Ghz) : 40.6db

Famaval 100cm Satellite Dish (LH) Specifications:
Reflector and outer rim Height: 103cm
Reflector and outer rim Width: 95cm
Weight: 8.40 / 6.20kg
Gain (12.5Ghz) : 40.3db


Satellite Dish Size Confusion

There are two ways to actually measure a satellite dish.

The first way is to measure the horizontal length of the actual reflector part of the satellite dish. This is how a satellite dish is measured in most of the world.

The second way is to measure the vertical length of the reflector and include the outer rim of the satellite dish. This is how a satellite dish is measured in Spain.

This is how a satellite dish with a reflector measurement of 125 x 135cm, can also be known as a 1.4m satellite dish in Spain. And how a satellite dish measuring 180 x 180cm can be known s a 1.9m satellite dish in Spain!

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