Manual Software Update for Sky Digiboxes


Manual Software Update for Sky Digiboxes. Costa Blanca. Spain

Sky Digiboxes normally update their software automatically overnight, but occasionally you may need to do a Forced Software Download. This may be required if your
Sky digibox has not been used for a while, and it has missed an update, or if the software gets scrambled for any reason.

The Manual Software Update for Sky Digiboxes should not really be needed. In most cases the Sky digibox will self update the software automatically, so in the first instance, just continue to use the sky box as you would normally. You will know if the software has been updated as you may find the Sky digibox reset itself whilst you are viewing a channels.


How to Perform a Manual Software Update for Sky Digiboxes

1) Put the Sky digibox into Standby mode. (red light mode)
2) Disconnect the power to the Sky digibox – either turn the power off at the plug, or removed the power cable.

3) Locate the button on the front of the Sky digibox, named “Back Up”. ( ON THE DIGIBOX NOT ON THE REMOTE!)

4) Press and hold down the “Back Up” button.

5) WHILE HOLDING IT DOWN, reconnect the power to the Sky digibox (do not release the back-up button yet).

6) About 20 seconds after reconnecting power, all four coloured lights will illuminate on the front of the Sky digibox. If the TV is switched to Sky a message will also appear on screen.. “Updating System Software”.


Manual Software Update for Sky Digiboxes

7) Only after the four lights illuminate and the message appears should you release the back-up button.

8) After about 10 minutes the Sky digibox will return to “standby” (i.e.. red LED only).

9) Leave the Sky digibox in standby for 1 minute as it carries out a self check and applied any new software..

10) Switch Sky digibox out of standby (green LED illuminates).

11) The Sky digibox will take a few minutes “Searching For Listings”.

12) Your Sky digibox should now be operating on the latest available version of software.

Do not unplug your Sky digibox from the mains supply or satellite dish during the software upgrade or permanent damage could be done and your box rendered unusable