Multiroom Viewing / Watching UK TV in other rooms


Multiroom Viewing / Watching UK TV in other rooms

There are various options for viewing satellite channels in two locations. But the main one you may have heard about is not recommended in Spain.


Sky Multiroom in Spain

The Sky TV Multiroom service, that is available in the UK, provides two cards with the same subscription channels for the cost of one cards subscription plus £10. However, the contact for this service states that both decoders and cards must be connected to the telephone system. If the boxes fail to contact the Sky computer then you will be charged full price for both cards. This stops people from bringing their second decoder and card to Spain.


Coax Cable Runs

One method it to connect your Sky receiver to other TVs using the coax output on the Sky receiver. This does mean having to run cables around the house to each Tvs locations. This option can also be tricky as some Tvs are not compatible with the Sky receivers coax aerial output signal, due to the different audio frequencies use by some older Spanish TVs.


AV Transmitter Receiver Kits

The most popular method is by the use of an audio and video transmitter and receiver kit. These systems comprises of a simple transmitter module that connects to the SCART outputs on AV equipment, like a Sky receiver) in your main room and a receiver module that connects to the SCART AV socket of your receiving TV.

These units can be used to transmit the audio/video signals from a Sky receiver (including Sky+), a TDT (Freeview) box, Digital Video Recorder, DVD player or even a games console to another television in your home. In fact pretty much anything with a SCART output can be wirelessly transmitted to a remote location.

Multiroom Viewing / Watching UK TV in other rooms

A built in dual magic eye remote control relay sends the infra red remote control signals wirelessly back to the audio/video sources in the main room allowing you to control the equipment as though you are in the same room.

You can expand the system by adding additional receivers for extra TVs in your home, allowing you to view TV in as many rooms as you like.

One such AV Transmitter Receiver Kit is the Televis 7307 AV kit.

Televis 7307 AV kit

Note that these systems work on a wireless frequency which can be affected by other wireless appliances like mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, wireless internet routers / modems and can also be affected microwave ovens.

In some cases a 5ghz AV Transmitter Receiver Kit maybe better, as this operates away from the common frequencies used by the 2.4ghz  AV Transmitter Receiver Kit. The downside that I have found with 5ghz  AV Transmitter Receiver Kit is that they do seem to be a bt weaker in their signal strengths compared to the 2,.4ghz  AV Transmitter Receiver Kits