How To Access The Hidden Installer Menu On Sky+HD Box

There are a few options that you may need to change on your Sky+HD box, such as setting up your Sky+HD box for “Single Cable feed mode” or to perform a full system reset.

The only way to access these other options and settings to access a “hidden” installer menu.

This video shows you how to access this hidden installer menu on Sky+HD boxes.

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How to access the Sky Installer Menu

On the Sky remote control press:

1- Press ‘Services’

2- Press 0,0,1

3- Press ‘select’

This will reveal the hidden installer menu.


What can it do in this Sky “installer menu”

The Sky installer menu offers the following options :

  • LNB Setup – options to change LNB settings (DO NOT CHANGE) or place the box into “Single Cable feed mode”
  • Default transponder – don’t change this setting. Tells the Sky box where to download it data from during the boot up process.
  • Telephone Settings – no longer required with the use of inetrnet router connections
  • RF Outlets – allows you to choose which channel the Sky box will output its analogue PAL signal on, for use with a “Sky Magic Eye” system to resend the signal to other rooms via an RF cable.
  • Manual tuning – does the same as Add Channels in the System Setup menu
  • New installation – don’t select this unless you are a Sky installer. Simply activates a viewing card.
  • Sky+ planner rebuild – allows Sky+ to rebuild list of recordings after a major box crash. A bit like a Hard Drive “Defrag”.
  • Full system reset – factory reset, which includes a format of the Hard Drive (loses recordings)