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Freesat TV and Sky TV Satellite Frequency Transponder Settings for Spain

The UK TV channels available on Freesat TV and on Sky TV UK are transmitted from four satellites. These four satellite use around 90 different transponders to transmit from. Each of these transponders relates to one frequency. Each frequency can carry a number of channels.

There is no one single "best transponder frequency setting" for Sky in Spain, as the best frequency to use is determined by the channel you wish to view. The Freesat TV or Sky TV Digibox will use the relevant frequency for the desired channels. (This overrides the Default transponder frequency you may have manually set into the Sky TV digibox!)

This frequency list shows you those frequencies (and transponders) that carry UK TV and an indication as to the channels they carry.

Not all channels on this list are available on Freesat. Some channels, like Dave are not available on Freesat, and are only available via satellite with a Sky Subscription.

List correct as at April 2012. Channels may have been moved to different transponders / frequencies since this last update

SatelliteTransponderFrequencyServices CarriedExample of Channels
Astra 1N4110714 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAChannel 4, Film 4
4210729 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAChannel 4, E4, More 4
4310744 HSky TV UKRTE, TG4, TV3,
4410758 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAITV1, ITV2, ITV4
4510773 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTABBC1, BBC2, CBBC, BBC3
4610788 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTABBC1, BBC2, BBC Parliament
4710803 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTABBC1, BBC2, BBC Radio 5, BBC News, CBeebies
4810818 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTABBC1
4910832 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAITV1, ITV1 HD London, ITV4+1
5010847 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTABBC1 HD, BBC HD
5110862 HSky TV UKDisney Channel
5210876 VSky TV UKSky Sports Interactive, Nickelodeon
5310891 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAITV1, ITV1+1
5410906 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAITV1 Channel Islands, STV, UTV, ITV3
5510921 HSky TV UKSky Box Office
5610936 VSky TV UKITV1 HD Granada, ITV1 STV HD
5710965 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAChannel 5, Five USA, Five USA+1, Five*, Five*+1, Channel 5+1
Freesat, Sky TV UK, FTA

ITV1 Yorkshire East, ITV1 Meridian North, ITV1 Anglia West, ITV1 Central, ITV1 Yorkshire West +1
6311053 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAITV1 Central East, ITV1 Central West, ITV Wales+1,
6811126 VSky TV UK, Freesat, FTAChannel 4 HD, 4Seven
SatelliteTransponderFrequencyServices CarriedExamples of Channels
EurobirdC1L11222 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAHorror Channel, CBS Action, Sony TV UK
C2L11224 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAAl Jazeera Children’s Channel, NHK World HD
C2U11260 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTARevelation TV, B4 Movies
C1U11261 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAHorror Channel, CBS Reality+1, Travel Channel, 3e
C3L11307 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAUniversal Channel, SyFy, Movies 24, Create and Craft
C4L11307 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAFlava, Bliss, Scuzz, Dance Nation, True Movies 1, True Movies 2, Tiny Pop, Kix!, The Vault, Chart Show TV
C4U11343 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTACBS Drama, At The Races Ireland, Babestation, Comedy Central Extra UK +1, NickToons Replay, Propeller, EuroNews UK
C3U11344 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAESPN Classic UK, E! UK, BET UK, Food Network UK, CBS Reality, Nick Jr UK +1
C5L11389 HSky TV UKInvestigation Discovery, Animal Planet Europe +1, Discovery Science Channel UK +1, DMAX UK, Quest +1, Discovery History +1, Discovery Shed, Discovery Real Time UK +1, Discovery Home and Health UK +1
C6L11390 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAClimax, Extreme, Girl Girl, Adult Channel, Playboy TV UK
C6U11426 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAGeo UK, Price Drop, Speed Auction, Bloomberg TV Europe, France 24 English, TV 5 Monde Europe
C6U11428 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTARadio Caroline
D1S11469 HSky TV UK
D2S11488 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTANDTV 24×7, Active Channel, 9XM UK, Music India
D3S11508 HSky TV UKBlue Tube, Viewers’ Wives, Trace Sports, Sky Movies Box Office Events, Sky 2 Ireland, Sky Living HD Ireland +1, TCM UK
D4S11527 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAComedy Central UK +1, Comedy Central Ireland, Motors TV UK, Islam Channel, The Jewellery Channel, MUTV, Extreme Sports Channel UK
D5S11546 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAGeo News, ARY Digital UK/Europe, Zee Cinema UK, GayXchange TV, The Dating Channel
D6S11565 VSky TV UKSky Movies Box Office, Sky Living it +1, Challenge , Challenge +1
D7S11585 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAESPN America UK, LFC TV, Box Nation, Q (UK), Magic, ESPN in Pubs
D8S11604 VSky TV UKSky Anytime, History UK, Bio UK, Sky Movies Box Office, History UK +1, Sky Living it
D9S11623 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAAbu Dhabi Al Oula Europe, Clubland TV, Massive RandB, MTVN HD
D11S11662 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAMTA International, Super Casino, CCTV News, TBN Europe, God TV UK, UMP Movies
D12S11681 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAAl Jazeera English, Movies4Men, Movies4Men 2, Movies4Men +1, Movies4Men 2 +1, Men and Movies

SatelliteTransponderFrequencyServices CarriedExamples of Channels
Astra 2A111720 HSky TV UK (HD)MTVN HD, Sky Movies Showcase HD, Sky Sports 2 UK
Astra 2B211739 VSky TV UKSky Sports 1 in Pubs, Sky Sports 2 in Pubs, Sky Sports 3 in Pubs, Sky Sports 4 in Pubs
Astra 2A311758 HSky TV UKDisney XD UK HD, ITV 2 HD, ITV 3 HD, ITV 4 HD
Astra 2A411778 VSky TV UKSky TV EPG, Sky Promo, Sky Default Transponder Frequency
Astra 2A511798 HSky TV UK (HD)Sky HD Retail Info HD, Sky Sports 1 HD UK, Sky Movies Box Office HD 2, Sky Living HD UK
Astra 2A611817 VSky TV UKHome, Eden, GOLD, Yesterday, Dave, Good Food Channel, Watch, Alibi, Blighty
Astra 2A711836 HSky TV UKSky Movies Action and Adventure, Sky Movies Comedy, Sky Movies Sci-Fi and Horror, Sky Movies Classics, Sky Movies Indie, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Anytime, Sky Movies Premiere +1, Sky Movies Crime and Thriller, Sky Movies Drama and Romance, Sky Movies Modern Greats
Astra 2A811856 VSky TV UK (HD)Eurosport HD, FX HD UK, Sky Arts 2 HD, E4 HD UK
Astra 2B911876 HSky TV UKDiscovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Real Time, Discovery Channel+1, Discovery Travel and Living, Discovery Science Channel, Discovery History , Discovery Home and Health, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Channel Ireland, Quest
Astra 2B1011895 VSky TV UKMTV UK, VH1, MTV Rocks, MTV +1, MTV Hits, MTV Base, MTV Classic, Viva, MTV Ireland, MTV Music, MTV Dance, MTV Trax
Astra 2A1111914 HSky TV UKSky Box Office Movies
Astra 2A1211934 VSky TV UKSky Box Office Movies, Sky Customer Channel
Astra 2B1311954 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTABBC Red Button Streams, BBC Sports Interactive (6711, 6712, 6713, 6714, 6715) BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4 FM, BBC Radio 4 LW
Astra 2B1411973 VSky TV UKSony Entertainment Asia
Astra 2B1511992 HSky TV UKHome +1, GOLD +1, Eden +1, Watch +1, Really, Dave ja vu, Good Food Channel +1, Alibi +1, Yesterday +1
Astra 2B1612012 VSky TV UK (HD)MGM HD, Sky Movies Family HD, Sky Movies Premiere HD, Sky Movies Crime and Thriller HD, Sky Anytime HD 1
Astra 2B1712032 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAQVC
Astra 2A1812051 VSky TV UKCartoon Network, Boomerang, Boomerang +1, Cartoon Network Too, CNN International Europe
Astra 2A1912070 HSky TV UKSky Sports Active
Astra 2A2012090 VSky TV UKNational Geographic Channel HD, Comedy Central HD, Eden HD, Nickelodeon HD
Astra 2B2112110 HSky TV UKSky Sports F1, Sky Sports 2 Ireland, Sky Sports 1 UK, Sky Sports 3, PBS UK, FX UK, Cartoonito, TCM 2, Sky Living Ireland, Comedy Central
Astra 2A2212129 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTANo Signal – UPDATE: as at 31/5/12 12129 is not carrying any channels. Instead of using 12129, you can use 12207 v 27.5 2/3

Astra 2A2312148 HSky TV UKSky Sports 4 in Pubs, Sky Sports 1 in Pubs, Sky Sports 3 in Pubs, Sky Arts 2, Sky Atlantic Ireland, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports 1 Ireland, British Eurosport 2, Sky Sports 4, FX +1, Comedy Central Extra
Astra 2A2412168 VSky TV UK (HD)Sky Movies Modern Greats HD, Sky Movies Drama and Romance HD, Sky Movies Sci-Fi and Horror HD, Sky Movies Comedy HD
Astra 2A2512188 HSky TV UKDave HD, Watch HD, Animal Planet HD, MTV HD UK
Astra 2A2612207 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTASky News, Sky Sports 2, Sky News Ireland, Sky 1 Ireland, Pick TV, Pick TV+1, Sky 2, Community Channel
Astra 2A2712226 HSky TV UKGood Food Channel HD, Cartoon Network HD, Disney Cinemagic HD, Disney Channel HD
Astra 2B2812246 VSky TV UK (HD)Sky Movies Action and Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild Europe HD, History HD, Bio HD, Crime and Investigation Network HD
Astra 2A2912266 HSky TV UKSky Sports News HD, ESPN America HD, Channel 5 HD
Astra 2A3012285 VSky TV UKSky Movies Showcase, Sky Arts 1, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Living +1, ESPN, British Eurosport, Chelsea TV, Sky Sports 2 in Pubs
Astra 2B3112304 HSky TV UKNational Geographic Channel, National Geographic Channel +1, Nat Geo Wild, Fox News Channel, The Pub Channel, At The Races, Sky Poker, Crime and Investigation Network
Astra 2A3212324 VSky TV UK (HD)Discovery Channel HD, ESPN HD, Syfy HD, Sky Movies Box Office HD 1
Astra 2B3312344 HSky TV UK (HD)Sky Sports 4 HD, Sky Atlantic HD, Sky 1 HD
Astra 2A3412363 VSky TV UK (HD)Sky Sports 3 HD, Sky Sports F1 HD
Astra 2A3512382 HSky TV UK (HD)Sky Movies Classics HD, Sky Movies Indie HD, Universal Channel HD, Sky Anytime HD 3
Astra 2B3612402Sky TV UKIYV channels on this frequency moved to a new frequency of 10994 h
during May 2012
Astra 2A3712422 H
Astra 2B3812441 V
Astra 2A3912460 HSky TV UKSky News HD, Sky 3D, Sky Arts 1 HD, Sky Anytime HD 2
Astra 2B4012480 VSky TV UK4Music, The Box, Kiss, Kerrang!, Smash! Hits TV, More 4 Ireland, Channel 4 Ireland, Channel 4 Ireland +1, E4 Ireland +1, E4 Ireland

SatelliteTransponderFrequencyServices CarriedExamples of Channels
EurobirdF1L12526 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTABEN, EWTN Europe, Vintage TV
F2L12523 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTATV Shop, Rocks and Co., JML Home and DIY, Gems TV Extra, Brit Asia TV, Chill Radio, Classic FM Radio
F2U12560 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAShowcase 2, ATN Bangla, Channel S, Peace TV, Faith World TV, Channel I Europe
F1U12560 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTATravel Channel, Argos TV, Men and Movies, QVC Beauty, JML CookShop, Horse and Country TV,
F3L12607 HSky TV UKTV X, TV X Amateur, Red Hot
F4L12607 VSky TV UKZee TV, Zee Cinema
F3U12643 HFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTANollywood Movies (UK), DM Digital, AIT International UK
F4U12643 VFreesat, Sky TV UK, FTAMATV National, Military History, Nickelodeon Ireland, Pitch TV, Star News, SET UK +1, Comedy Central Ireland +1, Nick Jr Ireland

Channels frequently change frequencies and transponders. A Sky TV digibox and a Freesat TV receiver will (or should) automatically update themselves with the new frequencies – although sometimes a power off and reboot for the receiver may be needed. For non Sky TV or Freesat TV receivers, like Darkboxes, then the new frequencies will have to be manually scanned and searched for, via that receivers installation menu.

The Sky TV Electronic Programme Guide or EPG is transmitted on one frequency / transponder setting – 11778 V 27.5 2/3. This is the main default transponder frequency, as this is where the full 7 day EPG is located. All other frequencies carry approximately 21 hours of data, but 11778 carries the full 7 day data.

The Freesat TV Electronic Programme Guide or EPG is also transmitted from one frequency / transponder setting – 11428 H 27.5 2/3.

What are the frequencies for Sky channels in Spain?

The Sky channels in Spain will use the same frequencies as if you are watching Sky channels in the UK.