Satellite Dish Installations

Over the years we have completed many satellite dish installations in the Valencia, Alicante and Costa Blanca North areas of Spain.

We have installed a range of satellite dishes, from 60cm, to 3.1m.

The size of the satellite dish you require depends on what channels you want to watch and where you are in Spain.

Currently many of the satellite dish installations we do in the Valencia, Alicante and Costa Blanca North areas of Spain are for UK TV, where a 110x120cm satellite dish or a 125x135cm Satellite dish is required.

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Freesat HD Satellite TV System Installations

Freesat is specifically designed for the reception and viewing of all the free UK TV channels via satellite.

For our Freesat TV Satellite Installations we use an official Freesat HD set top box satellite receivers.

When we install a Freesat system, we use official Freesat receivers. Some satellite installation companies along the Costa Blanca and Valencia area may offer you an Iberosat, Ferguson Ariva or GI Galaxy Innovations satellite receiver, claiming it is a Freesat receiver. These satellite receivers are NOT Freesat receivers. Official Freesat receivers have the Freesat logo on the receiver, remote control and the packaging.

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Free to Air Satellite TV System Installations

These Free to Air satellite systems use a Free to Air HD satellite receiver for the reception of the free UK TV channels. Unlike the Freesat HD satellite receivers, these Free to Air satellite receivers do not have an 8 day programme guide, or automatic channels updates.

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Sky Satellite TV System Installations

Sky Satellite TV systems provide access to both free and pay TV channels. Official Sky TV viewing cards and Sky HD or Sky+HD digiboxes are required.



Our UK TV Satellite Installations

For our UK TV Satellite Installations we use one of the most popular and best performing satellite dishes for the Costa Blanca and Spain.

In our opinion these satellite dishes are one of the best performing satellite dishes of this size for reception of UK TV channels in the Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain.

We hand pick every component of the equipment used for our UK TV Satellite Installations to get the best possible performance for our clients. We would not install equipment that we have not tested nor that we would not use for an installation at our own home.

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Best Location for a Satellite Dish Installation

A satellite dish should be installed in an area with a good clear line of sight to the satellites, free from obstructions like trees and walls.

A satellite dish should also be installed in an area that is sheltered from the winds, where dish wobble is kept to a minimum.

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Community Satellite TV Installations

For large Community Satellite TV Installations, it is possible to feed many houses and homes with satellite signals.

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Motorised Satellite Dish Systems

Motorised Satellite Dish Systems opens up a whole new world of TV channels that are available on the many satellites available in Europe.

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Wall Of Shame – Example of Poor Installations

Our Wall of Shame is just a small selection of the jobs I am called out to. These types of “installers” who originally did these jobs are the ones that give installers a bad name. These poor satellite installations that I have been called out to solve have included dishes being bent to make them fit, nuts and bolts missing from satellite dish installations, and poorly installed “big” satellite dishes.

Poor Installations cowboy installers spain

Click here to view our Wall of Shame, examples of poor satellite dish installations we have been called out to repair.



More information?

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