How to install a satellite dish in Spain

There are a number of critical steps that MUST be followed when you install a satellite dish in Spain.

Unfortunately not all of the satellite TV installers in Spain follow these basic simple steps, which result in low signal strengths, missing channels, or even damaged satellite dishes.


Best location to install a large satellite dish.

Large satellite dishes should not really be wall mounted. Firstly the big dishes are very heavy, and can cause stress on the wall, which can result in damage during high winds.

The larger 1.8m 1.9m and 2.4m big satellite dishes should ideally be installed on a level piece of ground, or terrace. This area should be as sheltered from the winds as possible, to help prevent the dishes moving out of alignment in strong winds.

The smaller and lighter 110x120cm satellite dishes and 125x135cm satellite dishes can be installed on walls or the floor.

Satellite dishes need to be installed in an area that is free of any obstructions to the line of sight to the satellites. Any trees, houses, fences or power lines in that line of sight will reduce the signal to the satellite dish.

As some of the UK Satellite TV signals are on “weak” satellite signals, a clear line of sight is required to ensure the maximum signal is being received by the satellite dish. If there are any obstructions in the way then this can result in loss of satellite TV channels earlier than expected..


How to Construct a Concrete Base for your satellite dish

install a satellite dish in Spain concrete baseLarge satellite dishes should be installed on a secure heavy concrete base. These concrete bases can be around 200 – 300 kg in weight.

Make a concrete shuttering fame of at least 100cm by 100cm in size, with a depth of at least 20cm.

Using you cement and sand and stone (aggregate) mix, make a single concrete block. Sometimes placing metal reinforcing rebar into the block can also help strengthen the block when it dries.

The concrete base must be allowed to dry and harden for a few days before continuing to installing the big satellite dish.

The metal floor stand for the satellite dish can then be placed onto the concrete base, and secured to the concrete base with expanding metal rawlplugs. Or you can put the floor stand into the centre of the concrete bases before you pour concrete into the frame


How NOT to construct a Concrete Base for your satellite dish

Some installers like to try and do the big dish installation with a concrete base in one day. This is NOT the best way to install a satellite dish in Spain. This mean that they have no time to wait for a concrete base to dry before they start to work on it.
You only have to look at our “Concrete Base Wall Of Shame” to see how some satellite dish installers in Spain have constructed bases for satellite dishes that are poorly made, and quite often fail, allowing the satellite dish to fall over and get damaged.

Some installers used to, and are still doing so today, construct a “concrete base” with a mixture of concrete and plaster (yeso). This mixture sets very quickly and allows the installer to complete their work very quickly. On the downside, the base is lacking in strength, and the bases fail and can cause the satellite dish to falling over and get damaged in high winds.

Some installers use concrete blocks as a surround when constructing the concrete base when installing a big satellite dish. This is not a good idea, as these concrete blocks do not fix to the concrete in the middle of the square. This means that these concrete blocks are basically doing nothing. And that there is only a small amount of concrete holding the satellite dish upright.

wos_con_08I have seem numerous cases where the concrete block surrounding the dish are still intact, yet the inner concrete, where the floor stand in has been blown out by high winds.







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