Motorised Satellite Dish Systems

Motorised Satellite Dish Systems opens up a whole new world of TV channels that are available on the many satellites available in Europe.

With a 80cm dish on a motor you can receive hundreds of channels from around Europe and the World.

motorised satellite dish systems

The benefits of Motorised Satellite Dish Systems is that you can use one satellite dish to watch channels from different satellites. Without a Motorised Satellite Dish Systems then your choice is limited to the satellites that the single dish is aligned to.

A Motorised Satellite Dish Systems can receive channels from the following groups of satellites : Astra 1 at 19 east, Astra 2 at 28 east, Astra 3 at 23 East, Hotbird at 13 East, BAdr at 26 east, Nilesat at 7 West,


A motorised dish system mean that you will only have one dish one the side of the house.

Correctly aligned you will have no problems receiving channels on all the satellites mentioned above.

You will, however, experience a slight delay when the dish has to move between satellites locations, which is not an issue with a multi dish system.

In most cases we can use your existing dish with a motor, so you may not have to buy another dish….just the motor and installation costs!