Our UK TV Satellite Installations


Our high performance high gain satellite dishes:

For our UK TV Satellite Installations we use one of the most popular and best performing satellite dishes. for the Costa Blanca and Spain.

In our opinion these satellite dishes are one of the best performing satellite dishes of this size for reception of UK TV channels in the Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain.

This satellite dish has been used and installed on the Costa Blanca and Spain for many years and has a proven record of being one of the best satellite dishes for the best reception of UK TV in the Costa Blanca and Valencia area of Spain.

Other satellite installers use another make of satellite dish for their UK TV satellite installations, but we have found that these are not as robust and do “wobble” a lot in the winds compared to the satellite dishes we use. The other satellite installers use them simply as they buy at a good price (for them!) from a local wholesaler.

We hand pick every component of the equipment used for our UK TV Satellite Installations to get the best possible performance for our clients. We would not install equipment that we have not tested nor that we would not use for an installation at our own home.



Our high performance high gain LNBs :

best LNB for UK TV Satellite Installations

For our UK TV Satellite Installations we use a high performance high gain LNB.

We have found this LNB to be the best high performance LNBs available.

Note that we have found that other LNBs used by other satellite installers in the area, like the Inverto Ultra Black Single, the Inverto Ultra Black LNB Twin and Quad versions do not perform as well as the LNB that we use..