Wall Of Shame – Poor Concrete Bases – Concrete Base Satellite Dish Installations

Our Wall of Shame is just a small selection of the jobs I am called out to. These types of “installers” who originally did these jobs are the ones that give installers a bad name. The Poor Installations that I have been called out to solve have included dishes being bent to make them fit, nuts and bolts missing from satellite dish installations, and poorly installed “big” satellite dishes.

Poor Concrete Bases cowboy installers spain

I take the photos BEFORE I do anything to the dish, just to prove how bad some of them are!

It is essential that your large satellite dish is installed correctly. If the 1.8m or 2.4m satellite dish is to be installed on the ground, then a nice stable concrete base is required.

In the past some “satellite TV installers” have constructed concrete plinth bases using a quick dry cement mix. This mix is quick setting, meaning the installers don’t have to come back to your house on anther day to continue the installation. Unfortunately, this quick dry cement mix is not very strong. Over the last few years we have been to many clients where their original installers had used this type of mix for their base for their satellite dish, which have simply failed.

The best concrete bases in Spain are constructed and then left for a few days for the concrete to dry before any further work or installation is completed. This gives the concrete base strength. And why all our concrete bases we have constructed are still in operation today and have not failed.

This section focuses on example of poor Concrete Bases.



concretebase[1]A solid, one piece concrete base for a 2.4m satellite dish installation.

Constructed from sand and cement, it measures 1m x 1m,and is about 250-300kg in weight,more than enough to support a satellite dish.

This concrete base will be left for a minimum of three days before the installation of the satellite dish commences, to ensure that the concrete is totally dry.





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