Sky Digiboxes in Spain. Sky Digibox Spain. Skybox Spain

Sky decoders are known as Sky Digiboxes. These decoders are able to receive the free to air, the free to view and encrypted Pay TV Subscription channels offered by Sky TV.

The boxes have a card slot which allows the use of a Sky viewing card, which allows the viewing of the Sky subscription channels. Note that these decoders cannot be used to receive channels from other satellite providers or read other companies viewing cards. These boxes are also able to update their software and channel lists automatically when required.

Digiboxes have been made by Amstrad, Sony, Thomson, Panasonic, Grundig, and most commonly, Pace.

For a long period of time in 2004 and 2005, only one Digibox was in production, the Pace DS430N, but Amstrad and Thomson produced the DRX500 and DSi4212 boxes respectively.

In late 2005, it was announced that all future Digiboxes would have a standardised cosmetic design. Thomson and Amstrad began supplying these boxes in late 2005, with Pace following in late 2006. The standardised design is known as the “Flow” design.

Sky bought out Amstrad satellite production in 2007 and now only distribute boxes which initially appeared as Amstrad models but are now badged merely as Sky.

It is generally acknowledge that the best Sky decoder / receiver for Spain is the Pace 2600C1 and its sister Pace DS430N. Their sensitive tuner is considered to work marginally better in a weak signal area. The Pace 2600C1 and Pace DS430N are no longer available to buy new – they are only available as used second hand decoders, but these can command a high price due to their effectiveness in Spain and their short supply.


Sky Pace 2600 Digibox
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The “Flow” design Digiboxes

Sky Pace 440 Digibox

Sky Pace 445 Digibox
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Sky Thomson DSI4214 Digibox
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