Sky Anytime on Sky TV Digiboxes.

On 27 March 2007, Sky launched its service for owners of Sky+ set top boxes.

Sky Anytime is intended to provide a catch-up of a selection of the last week’s programming.

A Sky+ PVR automatically records programmes transmitted over-night, and places this download into your Sky+ Planner. The service uses 140GB of previously reserved disk space on Sky HD boxes hard-disk space whilst on standard Sky+ boxes it uses 80GB of the hard-disk space. This does not make use o your personal storage space on your Sky planner.

There is no extra charge to use Sky Anytime for anyone with a Sky+ or Sky+HD box and the relevant subscriptions.

For example, if you do not have a Sky Movies subscription, then you will not be able to watch Sky Movies content on Sky Anytime. If you do not have a Sky Sports subscription, then you will not be able to watch Sky Sports content on Sky Anytime.

Sky+ digiboxes or Sky+HD digiboxes will automatically receive this service. To see what’s on, press TV guide on your Sky remote control, followed by the red Anytime button.

Some earlier versions of Sky+ digiboxes are not compatiable with Sky Anytime.

Sky Anytime is slowly being phased out in favour of the new Sky On Demand service. New content is still being made available on Sky Anytime,  and unlike Sky On Demand, is available on Sky+ and Sky+HD digibox without the need for an internet connection.