How to replace your Sky viewing card with the new White Sky viewing card.

This guide will show you how to replace your Sky viewing card when you receive a new replacement Sky viewing card.

A few days before your new viewing card is delivered to your or your agents UK address, you will see the following message on your TV screen.

Your Viewing Cards Will Soon Be Replaced, Look Out For The Sky Envelope


Before you start

Before you start to replace your Sky viewing card make sure that:

You have the new viewing card to hand
The set top box plugged in and has been working for at least 24 hours
No programmes are being recorded
Locate your card slot – sometimes they are hidden under a little “flap” on your Sky digibox
Current viewing card is in the slot


Replace your Sky viewing card

With your TV and Sky digbox turned on with the green light showing, simply pull out the existing Sky viewing card form the viewing card slot. If you cannot find the viewing slot then it may be hidden by a protective flap – especially on newer sky digiboxes.

Wait for 5 to 10 seconds.

Then insert your new card into the same slot with the arrows showing on top of the card and the card pointing towards the box


Wait for a few seconds until you see this on-screen message.

And then you will see this on-screen message

You will then see a message confirming your new card is working.

Now just press BACK UP on your remote control.

You can now continue viewing as normal.

Important – do not destroy your old viewing card until you have successfully changed your card.

Should you have any difficulties, the fist thing you can try is to reinsert you old “blue house” viewing card, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, and then go through he replacement process again.



Replace your Sky viewing card in Spain

If you are in Spain, it is not advisable to contact Sky direct. If they know you are using a Sky card outside of the UK, then your sky card can be cancelled by Sky.

It may be advisable to contact your installer / agent, who may be able to assist you.