Sky Viewing Cards Replacement 2008

Sky confirmed on 1st April 2009, via their information channel, Sky Channel 999, that they will be issuing new Sky viewing cards.

Sky will be issuing new replacement white viewing cards, replacing the current “blue” viewing cards.

Sky replace their viewing cards every five years or so, to ensure that their system is secure and to help stop illegal cardsharing or hacking.

All Sky subscribers will be receiving new replacement Sky viewing cards.

All cards will be eventually replaced, including the freesat (freesatfromsky) viewing cards


New Sky Viewing Cards

These new white sky viewing cards will be replacing the old yellow house Sky cards

All blue yellow house cards are due to be renewed, some for free, some automatically, and some you will have to purchase a new sky viewing card

The new viewing cards will be white on both sides, with one side having the new sky glass tube logo.


Using your replacement Sky Viewing Card

A few days before your new viewing card is delivered to your or your agents UK address, you will see the following message on your TV screen

Your Viewing Cards Will Soon Be Replaced, Look Out For The Sky Envelope

Click here to see how to use your new Sky Viewing Card.


How to get your replacement Sky viewing cards

(1) If you have your own Sky subscription at your own (or one that you control) UK address; the new viewing card will come to your UK address automatically. All you will need to do it so arrange for the new viewing card to be forwarded to you in Spain.

(2) If you have a Sky subscription through an agent, and you are effectively “using your agents UK address”, then your agent should arrange for the new viewing card to be sent to you.

Some agents may also use this as an opportunity to start asking your for an annual “maintenance fee” for the use of their address…if they have not done this already. You should not really have to pay for this new card as this is what your “maintenance fee” should cover.

(3) If you have a Sky subscription at a UK address which you do not control (you have moved from their and are no longer in contact with the new occupants) or via an agent who is no longer around or can’t contact, then you may / will not get your new replacement sky viewing card, as the new card will be sent to an address you don’t know or control.



Please note that this may be different if you bought your card from an agent or installer in Spain who may charge for a replacement! Similarly there is no mention if the new cards you will get are preactivated or not….so you may also have to contact sky to get the cards activated.