Aug 132014

BeIN Sport have the rights to show all 380 Premier League games live.

But last season, the Premier League were concerned over piracy, they limited BeIN Sports to just one 3pm Saturday kick off.

To over come this, BeIN SPorts “went secure” – meaning their viewing cards could only be used in their official receiver.

This, it was hoped would mean that all 3pm kick offs would return.

The Bein Website was updated to say that they would be showing all 380 games live.
And even Richard Keys said on his twitter page in July that they would show all games live.

However, this week BeIN Sports have only been advertising just one 3pm Saturday kick off – QPR v Spurs.

No mention of any of the other matches.
But today, Richard Keys to day said the following:

“To the best of my knowledge guys we are now ‘secure’ but we have to go thro a test period to satisfy P Lge. Not all games this w/e but soon”.

So it looks like BeIN Sports have to prove to the Premier League they are now secure.

Perhaps there will be some new measures to try and stop their feeds appearing illegally on IPTV / XBMC / Mag250 streaming boxes.

Seem strange when they have had all summer to do this…

So it looks like we shall have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks with regards to the 3pm Saturday kick offs and BeIN Sports.

Hopefully they will be able to show the games live and in FULL HD.

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