Jul 262013

English Premier League : Al Jazeera Sport Channel 2013

Al Jazeera Sport has won the broadcast rights to show all 380 English Premier League football matches for the next three seasons, taking over from AD Sports.

You can watch the English Premier League on Al Jazeera Sport in Spain on an 80cm or 1m satellite dish, and with an Al Jazeera viewing card and compatible satellite receiver.

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Jul 262013

New Al-Jazeera Sport Channels for their coverage of the English Premier League

Al Jazeera Sport and the Premier League

On August 1st 2013, Al-Jazeera Sport will launch new channels.

Al-Jazeera Sport will also have new packages with increased prices.

Al-Jazeera Sport will be showing Barclays English Premier League (EPL) football for the first time, from 17th August when the new EPL season starts.

New Al-Jazeera Sport Channels

From 1st August 2013 Al-Jazeera Sport will have 16 Al Jazeera Sport Pay TV channels (compared to 12 before 1st August), 6 of which will be in Full HD.

Interestingly there has been no confirmation as to if all matches will be available with English commentary.

The viewing cards should work in existing AD Sports receivers. If you do not have an AD Sports receiver then you will need to purchase a compatible receiver. However, it has been rumoured that Al Jazeera may be producing their own receiver, that the viewing cards MUST be paired with to fully function.


Al-Jazeera Sport Question and Answer guide:

Which channels will have Barclays Premier League football on them?
The scheduling of our channels is still ongoing and we will communicate this as soon as it is finalised.

Will I still be able to watch Barclays Premier League on Abu Dhabi Sports?
No. Al Jazeera Sports has the exclusive rights to EPL, so you will need to be an AJS subscriber to watch Barclays Premier League football.

What will there be on the new HD channels?
The scheduling of our channels is still ongoing and we will communicate this as soon as it is finalised.

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