Dec 202012

Just had this emailed to me from someone in the Marbella area:

“Hi I had a new dish installed late November. I was unaware at the time of these changes in reception and loss of channels. It cost me 250 euro and I have only had it for 3 weeks. Can you help me?”

Which confirms that some installers were happily installing satellite systems and NOT telling their clients about the potential loss of UK TV channels, which have been known about for at least 18 months!!

Some companies have also been advertising a “future proof” satellite TV system, which requires another satellite receiver, that works with an encryption system called BISS keys (see for more information on this UK TV from Intelsat 27.5 West system)

Three days after one company said they had installed their first system, the “BISS keys” for this system were changed. The new keys have so far NOT been available on the internet, currently rendering these systems useless and without TV for a week now.