Sep 082013

A new German satellite TV channels launched this week, ProSieben Maxx.

ProSieben Maxx will be broadcasting broadcasting a selection of US and UK programmes in their original (English) soundtrack with German subtitles.

ProSieben Maxx launched on the 3rd September 2013.

ProSieben Maxx available free-to-air across Europe on the Astra 1 satellite group at 19.2 east.

The channel is also the home to dubbed programmes from BBC Earth, including Deadly 60 and Planet Earth as well as German language programming from its parent channel.

Programmes being broadcast in English during the channel’s first two weeks on air are Showtime’s Homeland, BBC Two’s Episodes with Matt LeBlanc and Sky 1’s comedy series Spy.

Spanish digital terrestrial services also offer an original language soundtrack.

ProSieben Maxx

Satellite – Astra 1 (19.2 degrees East)
Frequency – 12545
Polarisation – Horizontal
Symbol Rate – 22000
FEC – 5/6